Are you Silently Quitting? Motivation VS. Determination

This past Sunday I went on a walk before church. As I hiked the wooden steps built into the side of the canyon by my house I began to consider, “Why would I even be out early in the sunny heat of August, hours before headed out to church on the weekend?”

What To Do When You Want To Give Up

I used to run for distance. I stopped. I suppose I quit. But I most certainly didn’t give up.
Running served it’s purpose—a life-giving one, in fact. It kept me sane during the first eighteen months of my fourth child’s life.

When Chocolate Is Your Comfort

I found myself standing in front of the pantry door. I felt frantic. My eyes scanning for something. Something sweet. “Chocolate. Yes! ” I wanted chocolate. I needed it.

Does Abundance Equal Things?

Every Monday morning I gather on a zoom with about 40 women from all over the country. Two things we have in common; we love Jesus and we are building our health coaching business together. Make it three things, we all desire to grow.

Three Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Health Goals

It’s the time of year when everyone has a health goal. As a coach with expertise in healthy habits and a bullet proof nutrition plan, I love it. However, I realize most don’t know where to start.

How Do You Feel About your Body?

It’s amazing what feelings came up when sliding into a great new fitness outfit that I could finally afford and worked pretty hard to look good in. But as I shared these feelings live in a recent story on my Instagram—I discovered I wasn’t alone. You had some feelings, too.

How “Alone” Impacts Your Health

I did not do this alone.

I’m an independent woman. Fiercely independent. Some days that quality has saved my life. Other days it’s sabotaged it. And it relates to my journey of health and well being–I did not do this alone.

What Do You Do When “IT” Gets In The Way of Your Goals

My husband and I signed up for an eight-week challenge. The goal was to create the habit of fitness while reeling in the nutrition to lose body fat percentage. The day we signed on the dotted line and had our initial body fat weigh in I asked my husband, “What’s your goal?” His answer, “To win.” “Me, too!” I replied. And that was it.

What You Need to Know About Achieving Your Dream

Eight years ago i was invited to be a guest in a room. I was compelled by desperation and desire. Desperate for a worthy income generating vehicle. And a desire to make an impact in others that would create legacy in my home and for the Kingdom.

Four Essential Actions To Achieving What You Didn’t Believe Was Possible

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” ~Babe Ruth
I actually played softball most of my elementary school life. I even (sometimes) made the all-star team depending on which neighborhood kids were able to join the league that year. I was the 5th batter, and if you know, you know. But my coach was my best friend’s dad, and he loved me. He thought I could do it, and therefore I did.