Are you Silently Quitting?
Motivation VS. Determination

This past Sunday I went on a walk before church. As I hiked the wooden steps built into the side of the canyon by my house I began to consider, “Why would I even be out early in the sunny heat of August, hours before headed out to church on the weekend?”


That one words defines why I do most of what I do. It is the word defined as a decision. It’s the state or quality of being dedicated to. In many ways it’s a pledge or an undertaking. It is firmness of purpose; resolute. This is not swayed by feelings.
Many people operate under motivation. They have a general desire or willingness to do something. But when the feelings flow away, they go.
I’m not motivated every morning to work out. I’m not motivated every day to eat right. I’m not always motivated to show up for my community or work my business. And as much as I love my husband and kids, I’m not always motivated to do the basic things required to take care of them. If I wait on motivation, a general desire or willingness to do something, I will never get anywhere. Nor would I have a very life-giving home or friendships. I have determined that I’m working out. I’ve decided to eat right. I’ve resolved myself to the pursuit of my dreams by working my business. And I’m committed to a whole, healthy family. So I invest the time and energy even on days I might be overwhelmed or just exhausted.
Life’s not linear. When a dream was birthed in your heart, you were probably motivated. And then you had a personal setback. You had someone reject you. Your child’s struggling at school. You got in a fight with your spouse. You made poor choices and gained two pounds. You didn’t stick to your structure. You are not motivated, and then you give up.
Commitment is different. You start the business, you create a goal and understand there will be difficulty. Set backs will happen. Obstacles will lead to sometimes poor choices. You will face rejection in your community. And tension will rise in your home. But your commitment decides not your feelings, and so you forge forward. You don’t deny the difficulty or diminish the feelings, but you are committed. And so you continue to invest your time, energy and attention daily to the things that matter most to create the life that you love.
People often quit because they thought it would always feel good. Your desired outcome is on the other side of your commitments. Your linear “up to the right” expectation is why most people fail to meet their goals. As the feelings go, they do also. Motivation is dangerous. It’s like happy. People think it’s required all the time. There is actually nothing wrong with you if you are sad. It’s just emotion, and it comes and goes. It’s to be expected to ebb and flow. This is true of motivation. If it’s not there it doesn’t mean you are less capable. It’s not a problem to not be motivated. Don’t expect that you should always be.

Be committed.

Decide the areas of your life that you are determined to grow. Resolve that even on Sunday you are willing to do what it takes and invest your energy because you will become the person you were created to be. And you will fulfill the purposes that have been planned for you.
What makes your Sunday list? I’ll share mine, and I’d love to hear back from you as you sit with your journal and begin to create your commitments.


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