What You Need to Know About Achieving Your Dream

Eight years ago i was invited to be a guest in a room. I was compelled by desperation and desire. Desperate for a worthy income generating vehicle. And a desire to make an impact in others that would create legacy in my home and for the Kingdom.

I found it, in the room.

You may have an area of your life you feel desperate, and I’m guessing you desire to make an impact. Maybe all you need is my invitation.

You can find it, in the room.

The room isn’t magical. The people are. Not because they are extraordinary. But their stories are. They have embraced that who they are matters. They were born to make a difference, and they have decided to take what’s in their hands. Many surrender to the power of God and go boldly into their world to share what they’ve got because they believe in a bigger life for themselves and others.

We are afraid to dream because we cannot achieve it. The greatest thing about your dreams is not the attainment of the dream but the person you become. The value is in what the dream can do in you as you pursue.

Here is a pattern I have lived in the last eight years. It goes likes this:


And I don’t know about you. But I’m due for another round. It’s time to dream.


What are you conditioned to believe about yourself? What have you limited yourself to? Don’t settle for good life. You are capable of more–GREAT LIFE. And when you know why you want that, you will figure out how. You will accept an invitation into the room. You will take it in and then say “YES!”

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined” ~Henry Thoreau

1. Decide what you want.

2. Decide you are getting it.

3. Discover the path.

4. Go all in.


Will you join me in my room? The Significant Conference is happening September 11 and you can register HERE. You will experience a room full of like hearted women. Learn from these ladies that are living BIG lives. Experience a space where your story matters and soak in the presence of God to be empowered to lead a SIGNIFICANT life.