How to Find Hope In The Hard

Have you ever walked into a room and have it take you back to another point in time? Sometimes I feel that when I sit in the stands watching my daughter sideline cheer at the Friday football games.

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Sending My Kids Back-to-School

Did you know that I once bought a $75 lunch box for my five-year-old daughter? She is twelve now, and I have some perspective. But in the moment of wanting to do the right things and be the right mom I let Pinterest, the mommy bloggers and her fellow five year old friends make me believe to truly thrive in Kindergarten this box was required.

Are you Silently Quitting? Motivation VS. Determination

This past Sunday I went on a walk before church. As I hiked the wooden steps built into the side of the canyon by my house I began to consider, “Why would I even be out early in the sunny heat of August, hours before headed out to church on the weekend?”

One Stop In Mexico Leads To a Next Step in Life

As we unloaded off the bus I could see the multi colored umbrellas lined up along the sandy beach. The smell of carne asada grilling from the taco cart on the boardwalk with kids running around in the streets.

Love Out Loud

Eighteen years ago my life changed SIGNIFICANTLY. For most women, the birth of their first born is life changing. In that way, I am no different. But what is different is that my daughter was born with trisomy 21, better known as Down Syndrome.

You Get What You Value

Coffee, trending clothing, a good long voice text with my bestie, TikTok Fridays, car rides with my spouse, conversation with a small crowd in my home over a charcuterie board and Sunday mornings with the body of Christ. All things I spend my time and money on. All things I value.

I’m Scared, Again. Parenting an Adult With Down Syndrome

I will never forget a post I read from another mom parenting a child with Down Syndrome. It was a post of repentance. A post that said, “I’m sorry I was sad. I’m sorry I thought you were broken. I’m sorry I wanted something different.” I remember reading it and feeling it deeply with the writer. I get it. I know what you mean. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I’m sorry I was so afraid.