How To Build a Strong Family & A successful Business

With so many people leaving the traditional workforce, the remote work revolution is redefining how we do business. In the U.S., home-based business opportunities are plentiful and prosperous. In 2022, many home-based businesses are succeeding at a high level, and online entrepreneurs continue to change the way the business world works.
Among that statistic the large majority of home based business owners are women. In fact a recent survey showed that almost two-thirds of home-based business owners across the U.S. were women. Among those women almost half started their own businesses to pursue a passion they now feel is possible. Women are capitalizing on the right set of circumstances to create their lives around what matters most.
In 2013 this is exactly where I found myself. Smack center in the middle of a career transition that felt like my whole world was changing. I didn’t want to clock in with the man, but I also needed to bring in money for our growing party of six. Could I really work from home and be available to the needs of my home while creating income that would be produced from meaningful work?
The short answer YES!
For many women, the desire to build a solid family and a successful business is a desire. For many of us, finding success in life is found by making family a priority. Stress in our personal life makes us less effective at our work. Worrying about family conflicts makes it more difficult to focus on workplace tasks and takes away that slight edge. And sometimes we get so wrapped up in achieving that we forget the reason we are working in the first place. I found the key to success is to amplify my family and my business will flourish. Over the last decade as my family has grown and my business has expanded, I discovered a few things that worked. I’m sharing here for the the season you might find yourself in as a “work at home” mom.

1. Create values

If the value is driving you, you will create success based on your terms. In our home we value GROWTH: giving our best and stretching into who GOD created us to be. Did I win? No…did I grow? Yes. That’s a win and the end goal is coming. Values will keep you connected to the real joy in life that comes from enjoying your family. Your season and reason is different than theirs. Can you be okay with that? Amplify your family and your business will flourish.

2. Create space between business and family

Multi tasking equals mediocre. Be present for your life and the people in it. Release control—that’s actually JOY. There is a direct connection between our desire to control and the joy we actually have. Also, your kids don’t need all your hours, they just need a moment.. Are you okay with that? They need to know they matter. You can cultivate that by asking yourself these questions:
  • Am I the most encouraging person in my child’s life?
  • Am I the safest?
Conflict occurs because people don’t feel prioritized. This will ebb and flow based on the age and stage of your kids. It has required flexibility over the years as my kids outgrew nap times and began after school athletics for me to create a new rhythm so we could all dance to it.

3. Communicate Your expectations

I have had to get real honest with myself about my needs. Even more clear on my wants. When I am and I communicate that, then I’m able to release the rest. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with right sized expectations. It also diminishes disappointments. What’s in your heart to do is supposed to be done, and you will have the GRACE for it. You will look back and say “wow, how did I do that?”
One of the biggest decisions I made when I became a “work at home” mom was the keeping my family core. I desired to do big things and make a difference. But not at the cost of my home. I didn’t want the people “out there” to think I was great and admire me more than the people “in here.” Those folks would come and go. These people last forever.
So as you set out to build a strong family and a successful business, I encourage you to amplify your family and your business will flourish.