How Rest will Help you Fulfill Your Destiny

After 17 days across the waters to Italy and Greece, someone asked me what I learned on my trip? What is it that I hope to take home from my travels?
You might find these to be interesting questions regarding a European vacation. Whatever happened to what was your favorite meal? Best coffee? Most fun activity? But I liked it. I liked it because it enabled me to reflect on all the times that God spoke to me. Because He speaks around the world, even when you are on vacation enjoying gelato in Venice. He speaks while you are sipping a cappuccino in Rome and rolling pasta in Florence. He speaks when you are dipping warm pita in tzatziki in Crete. And He speaks while you are with friends sipping sweet, red wine in Santorini.
God is speaking through the ancient ruins and the renaissance creations. He is EVEN speaking to me when I’m trying on a fresh pair of Gucci sneakers by the Spanish steps. He’s everywhere. He’s God, and He is with you always. And He has something to say, something to help you, maybe even heal you. And inevitably direct your life.
Even as I sit to write in my structured time on a sofa back in the states, He confirms what He said while I was sailing in the Mediterranean and staring out my back window at a water canal.

And so I share with you today what I hope to bring back from my travels. REST. When God wants to start something new, He always does from a position of REST. My time away was not only rest for me, but I experienced cultures who have instilled in their lives a rhythm of rest in their daily. I believe as humans we are spiritually resistant to rest. In America, we prize busy. We run hard and fast and call it success. Get into a position of rest where you are totally relying on God for His time and His results. REST is the next step to fulfilling your destiny.