When Chocolate Is Your Comfort

I found myself standing in front of the pantry door. I felt frantic. My eyes scanning for something. Something sweet. “Chocolate. Yes! ” I wanted chocolate. I needed it.

When God Says, “Go For It!”

Sometimes God says “YES!”
If you are one of my faithful email friends you know that just last week I told you all about how sometimes, God says, “No.”

How To Handle Rejection

I stepped out of the bathroom. I had just washed my face and put on my PJ’s when I walked backed into the bedroom where my friends were gathered in the walk-in closet all giggling. “Hey! What are you guys doing? What’s happening in there?”

What To Do When God Speaks

Have you ever heard God speak? I don’t mean audibly. Not a big booming voice from the sky kind of talk. But the still, small voice. The one you sense in your heart.

One Stop In Mexico Leads To a Next Step in Life

As we unloaded off the bus I could see the multi colored umbrellas lined up along the sandy beach. The smell of carne asada grilling from the taco cart on the boardwalk with kids running around in the streets.

Love Out Loud

Eighteen years ago my life changed SIGNIFICANTLY. For most women, the birth of their first born is life changing. In that way, I am no different. But what is different is that my daughter was born with trisomy 21, better known as Down Syndrome.

You Get What You Value

Coffee, trending clothing, a good long voice text with my bestie, TikTok Fridays, car rides with my spouse, conversation with a small crowd in my home over a charcuterie board and Sunday mornings with the body of Christ. All things I spend my time and money on. All things I value.

I’m Scared, Again. Parenting an Adult With Down Syndrome

I will never forget a post I read from another mom parenting a child with Down Syndrome. It was a post of repentance. A post that said, “I’m sorry I was sad. I’m sorry I thought you were broken. I’m sorry I wanted something different.” I remember reading it and feeling it deeply with the writer. I get it. I know what you mean. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I’m sorry I was so afraid.

Three Things I told My Teen Before She Went To The Dance

This past weekend was the high school winter formal for my high school daughters. Some things haven’t changed since I was a teenager. It’s still all the talk about what kind of dress you will wear? Who is going with who? And how will you style your hair?