What To Do When God Speaks

Have you ever heard God speak? I don’t mean audibly. Not a big booming voice from the sky kind of talk. But the still, small voice. The one you sense in your heart. The thought that comes to your mind, and you know it’s actually Him. Have you ever heard Him speak like that? I have. It happens often really. In the quiet moments on my sofa in the morning. After I drop off the kids at school, and I’m driving home in the silence. Sometimes it’s in the middle of chaos when others are speaking and what I actually hear sounds less like them and more like Him, and I know their words were from God’s mouth to my ears.
I love when God gives me things to do. When He tells me where to go, who to go with and how to make stuff happen. I’ll obey. I’m like, “YES! LORD! I’m your girl, send me.” As I approached 2022 the word given to me was PROMISE. I loved this word. I celebrated the promises fulfilled and anticipated the promises coming as I held tight to the promises for now. But shortly after I received that word I heard another one. It was more than a word but a sentence. It was familiar as I had heard Him speak something like this to me over a decade ago. But that was then, is it really for now? The sentence followed, “focus ONLY on your business and your babies.”
The directive was clear. Let go of all other ambitions, passion projects and new endeavors. Don’t start something new. Only work what is already in your hands. Take good care of your business and your babies. I knew it was God. In the moment in the presence of God I had no doubt. But as time has gone and we are now nearly halfway through the year, I have begun to consider doing something new.
“But God, nothing else? I mean I am a dreamer and a doer. I make things happen; I get stuff done. I’m kinda an over achiever, and I seriously cannot believe it’s been six months without creating something new. Innovation is so much of who I am. Creating new things is what I do. Come on God, You created me. You know.”
I actually decided to move forward and plan an entire retreat just for you reading this right now. Yep. I marked the location. Saved the date. Found the speakers. Pinned all the décor. Found the best swag and began the branding for marketing to put it out to you and was all ready to see you in September. But that voice amidst the sounds of my neighborhood as I walked. “Just business and your babies, Jen.”
So the Significant retreat is off. I cannot react to my own angst but rather respond to the voice of the Lord and obey. I’ve taken detours from His way before, and it’s pretty disastrous. So while this road He has me on is different than my typical path, I’m going to listen to Jesus and do what He says. 

Obedience releases a holistic blessing on your life for the long haul.

I’m going to sit this year and walk in the word of the Lord.
I will make this decision in faith because I know fear always leads to loss.
I won’t compromise just to get a cheap win or protect my own self.
I will hover close to Jesus and let His affirmations be enough.
Whatever you are hearing Him say today—lean in. Do it. And even if it’s against the grain of your normal way or a little off the beaten path, obey him and doubt your doubts. That was Him, He spoke.
 ***I have walked with God long enough to know that this pause in passion projects is on purpose for this season of my life. But what He puts in my heart, He leads me to and releases me in for the future. So I’d love for you to fill out this brief survey to know more about you!