Create a life you love on the foundation of faith

Join us on an ongoing journey founded on six core pillars

Life takes unexpected turns.
But experiencing the daily joy of a significant, abundant
life is possible. You just need a solid foundation.

These are the six pillars that support us. They’re the bedrock of our daily decisions, and our “secret” to significance

Our hope is that they become your foundation, too.



Claim your personal worth to activate the call God has for you. Establish afoundation that enables you to release fear and anxiety to proactively pursue your passions and purpose.



Experience the satisfaction that comes from surrendering stress and depending on God. Integrate self-care, laughter and even play into your daily routine to live out your next level in true joy.



Cultivate a marriage built on faith, passion and purpose (+ one that goes beyond the kids!)



Build a phenomenal family and create a life-giving rhythm for your tribe by solidifying core values that strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.



Level up in relationships. Restore hope and joy in friendship and community.



Put your significant life into action and make a difference! Own your worth, share your story and take your next right step to impact the world around you.

Your life is ALREADY significant!

This free quiz helps you discover where you are growing the most.
Uncover the hidden experiences that are happening all around you where your significant life is making a difference. Reveal them today.

Connecting with YOU is our passion

Three steps to going deeper with us


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Stories of joy-filled living to inspire your day

Leading a Significant Life Podcast

When our purpose-filled life in full-time
ministry came to an unexpected crossroads,
we redirected our fire and passion from church ministry to life ministry with YOU.

We have overcome disappointing challenges
and turned them into pure joy. Our desire
is to partner with to see you achieve
the same in your life.

This podcast, focused on leading a significant life, tells the stories of not just going through hard times, but growing through them.

You’ll be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to move into joy no matter what life brings.

You can go from survival to SIGNIFICANCE

Work with us through
coaching and courses

There’s no shortage of how-to advice
on how to become more successful.
And though we understand the desire
for success, we believe there is SO
MUCH MORE to life than “winning”
by today’s standards.

Our goal is to help you go from pursuing
success to owning your significance.
Because this shift is where the
breakthrough comes.

We’ve developed a family of coaching programs, courses, events, and books to help you experience breakthrough. Through them, you will:

  • Learn how to uncover the hidden gifts in unexpected circumstances
  • Beat the bully that says “you’re not enough”
  • Experience a flourishing marriage and family life
  • Establish core values on the foundation of faith to strengthen your work and relationships
  • Overcome fear and anxiety and build momentum toward purpose and significance

We don’t reach our full potential alone

Join our wellness community

Saying Yes to physical health is empowering. Helping others say Yes takes empowerment to the next level.

When we started our health and wellness journey, we immediately experienced the physical and emotional benefits. What we didn’t expect was for this journey to become a team-driven, family-friendly business.

We want you to join us.

Coaching people toward their health goals is rewarding, inspiring and SO FUN! As a team member, you’ll join us to:

  • Cultivate a culture of celebration that joyfully triumphs in both small and big wins
  • Offer support and accountability to others who have big dreams for their life and health
  • Create a business that supports your income, your wellness AND your family

Meet Jen and Marcus

Hi–We’re Jen and Marcus.
Together with our four kids
we make up the Jones Tribe.
We celebrate small wins.
We live joyfully in the midst of
disruption and unexpected challenges.
And we have family dance parties on Friday night.

Your life is ALREADY significant!

We believe that life is better when we’re helping YOU to win. You are born to make a difference, and we use our gifts, our experience in ministry, and our passion to help you live a life of significance.

Read more about mission, our family, and what makes us tick!

We believe that life is better when we’re helping YOU to win. You are born to make a difference, and we use our gifts, our experience in ministry, and our passion to help you live a life of significance.

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