Six weeks to SOLID

A comprehensive program with Marcus Jones for reaching your full potential on a foundation of faith

A SOLID life is easily mistaken for a self-made one, but...

Here’s why SOLID is better.

Success, strength, stability–These are attributes of the self-made man. He’s the model men are measured by…and the one we measure ourselves against.

Too bad he isn’t real. 

The truth is that being self-made isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Especially when we’re burdened by insecurities we don’t like to admit (even to ourselves):

  • We often feel like frauds, even when we’re  outwardly successful
  • We have deep emotions but struggle to express  them to those who matter most
  • We believe our worth is based on how we perform…and feel like we’re constantly falling short of the standard
  • We feel more accomplished at work than at home with our family (and we hate that)
  • We need the people closest to us to believe in us… and fear letting them down
  • We need a mission, and someone to be proud of us within it

These hidden fears are more common than we think. They’re also holding us back from our full potential…

Beneath these doubts are the things we really want, including:

  • Vision for every day—the kind that drives us toward our best potential
  • Rich relationships that are imperfect yet fulfilling
  • A deep conviction about our values that shapes decisions and creates lasting legacy
  • An abiding strength that comes from spiritual connection and growth

These ambitions are far superior to financial success, professional esteem, and outward accomplishment. They’re core, and they’re the foundation of a SOLID life.

This life is possible. It’s not a formula, and you can’t find it by being self-made. But it is a journey that can start now.

Move from striving to SOLID

Six core pillars, three tracks, one fully-optimized life

Here’s a few other things about me:

  • I don’t believe you have to have your head in the clouds to see God at work.
  • I think His promises are right down on the ground.
  • I believe His grace is just a half-turn away from you this instant.
  • I’m a husband, father, and pastor-turned-coach.
  • My story is centered on faith, family, the joys and  challenges of raising a differently-abled child.

This program, built on three tracks centered on six pillars, helps you reach your full potential on a foundation of faith. The goal is to build a SOLID life, not one built on the shaky, fleeting sands of self-made success.

Your full potential looks like…

What you can expect to experience from a SOLID life

  • Less longing for what you’re not, more appreciation of who you are.
  • Less hustle for what you don’t have, more gratitude for what you do.
  • Less grasping FOR, more pouring INTO.
  • Less blame, more forgiving.
  • Less frantic striving, more confident KNOWING.
  • Less you, more Jesus.
Maybe you’re ready to turn a new page. Maybe you’re ready for a new adventure. This is the vehicle to get you there.

Here’s what’s included in each 6-week cohort:

  • 6 LIVE group calls with Marcus and a cohort of other men. These calls will take place once weekly over 6 weeks ($5000 VALUE).
  • Weekly accountability and action steps to keep you moving forward toward your full potential ($2000 VALUE).
  • A PRIVATE Facebook community with you and the Solid Life members ($997 VALUE).


I’m Marcus.

I’ve done more than my share of hustling. Striving is probably a better word—Secretly thinking if I could work just a little harder, accomplish that next ultimate goal, I would find greater significance in my life. It worked for a while….


…Until it didn’t. 


Eventually the hustle and striving started to crush me. It wasn’t until I stopped believing that my value,

my worth, and my significance were “somewhere out there” that my full potential was truly revealed. The result—explosive growth over the past seven and a half years—has surprised and humbled me. 


Today I have a business of flexibility and command my own schedule to prioritize what matters most. Part of that priority is helping YOU reach your full potential through this coaching program based on my own journey.

An optimized life built on a foundation of faith starts with taking the first step

A cohort is for you if…

  • You want to grow in your faith so you can show up for a PURPOSE larger than yourself
  • You want to EXCEL at work and home
  • You want to do life as a TEAM with your spouse
  • You want to SOLIDIFY the core values that build a strong family
  • You want to live driven by VISION, not lies
Don’t put off action that will propel you forward. Join me in one of the next 6-week cohorts starting DATE. Reserve your spot today.

A SOLID life is a solid choice.

Move into your full potential built on a foundation of faith with this first step: enroll in a cohort today for our next round.