Find hope for your health

Life easily gets overwhelming! It’s common for your purpose to feel buried beneath busyness, worry and challenge.

For many of us, “health” is not a neutral topic. It’s personal. It’s emotional. It can even be raw.

These emotions don’t always mix well in a culture that pushes empty promises and instant transformations. And if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, the journey toward health can be even harder.

We know a little about this firsthand (keep reading for more, below). Maybe you can relate to one or more of these challenges that we’ve faced in the past:


  •  Stuck in emotional eating
  •  Sick of dieting and depriving yourself
  • Burned out from short-term change that quickly fizzles out
  • Struggling to find the motivation to Just Get Started
  • Afraid of being disappointed at yourself
  • Worried about failing. Again.

These challenges are real. But they don’t have to define you or your health journey! You can move toward freedom and peace. Here’s how that journey started for us…

How I changed my health story

(And you can, too)

(Jen here!) At nineteen-years-old I weighed 142 pounds. This fact was important to me in relation to one thing: the size of my Guess Jeans (you know—the ones with the triangle on the back pocket). And at 5’3”, my jean size wasn’t what I wanted.

That’s when I committed to my first DIET.

Like a lot of people, I assumed “diet” was synonymous with “lack.” My younger self believed that getting healthy related mostly to fitting into nice jeans and depriving myself to do so.

It wasn’t until I became a health coach that I realized how wrong I’d been to link physical health with depriving myself. I started to grasp what proper nutrition was, and created new habits for myself and others that sparked transformation and lifelong change.

But even with those habits, it took even longer (plus a lot of Ben & Jerry’s) for me to recognize that I was living to eat, not eating to live. I failed to recognize that I was trying to feed a full stomach in order to satisfy an empty heart.

One night on the sofa with a heavy heart and my spoon buried in a pint of ice cream, I realized that I needed a change. It wasn’t enough to know about nutrition and health habits. I also needed spiritual transformation to overcome emotional eating.

With this insight, plus a lot of practice and prayer, I learned how to shift my cravings toward the Source that can truly satisfy and fulfill.

Using both of these pieces—nutrition and habits PLUS spiritual encouragement—I’ve partnered with my husband, Marcus, to create a health coaching program that’s leveled-up our health as a couple and a family.

How to break free from
emotional eating

Plus make healthy habits part of your daily rhythm

A healthy life is better when we do it together!

If some or all of my personal story resonates with you, there’s hope!
I believe that transformation is possible—I’ve experienced it myself.
I’m healthier, stronger, and more energetic now in my forties than I was as a teenager in Guess jeans.

I also believe that you weren’t meant to take this journey alone.
Let me help you learn the same key things that changed my life, and avoid mistakes I’ve made.

Together through coaching with me you will:

  • Resist the vicious cycle of emotional eating
  • Learn the facts behind proper nutrition and the healing and vitality it can bring
  • Increase your energy for the things that are important to you
  • Experience lasting, lifelong change that doesn’t burn out
  • And you’ll lose weight

This journey isn’t about having a perfect body.
I coach you to have internal strength.

If you find yourself in an unhealthy place, perhaps you have been living to eat, not eating to live. It’s time to make a change. Start with the first step here…

Be part of someone else’s health transformation

Join our health coaching team

When we started pursuing healthier living years ago, we never dreamed that it would lead to a successful business. And yet that’s exactly what happened.

In seven years we’ve watched our team and income grow beyond our expectations, and have been SO blessed by the doors that have opened.

It is such a privilege to have a worthy income-generating vehicle that enables a lot of “YES!” in our life.

  • YES to family trips
  • YES to new ministry and service endeavors
  • YES to commanding our own schedules and the ability to to prioritize what matters most


Even better than the financial benefits this business has offered, it’s exciting to be part of someone’s progress! Walking through transformation and seeing lives change is hugely rewarding.

As a team we are different ages, different interests, different sizes, and different levels of fitness. And yet we all come together because we’re excited about helping others. In other words, creating health is a team sport when you work with us. It’s nutrition, it’s fitness, it’s mindset and it’s done TOGETHER.