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I’m passionate about your Potential

Plus more about me.

Hi—I’m Jen. I’m a wife, mom, author,
speaker, coach and joy-amplifier.

I believe my life is made better when I help people win.

I use my voice to add joy, increase faith and build hope.

I use my gifts to meet people at the point of their potential.

I’m passionate about truth and grit.

I embrace “Yes” as the answer, refusing to take no as an attitude.

I think everyone matters, two are better than one and anything’s possible.

I’m crazy for courage but can’t stand compromise.

I value stretching into the people God created us to be.

Oh…and I dance on Fridays.

Let’s cultivate BIG dreams together

Work with me to reach the point of your potential

You were created with purpose and meant to live a significant, joy-filled life.


But you weren’t meant to get there alone. I’m passionate about joining you on your journey, and gifted at bringing you through the breakthrough you’re looking for.

How? By creating space that enables you to be trained, equipped and skilled to use your story to impact others and create a life you love.
This happens through coaching and resources.


Through group and health coaching, I equip you to stretch into the person God made you to be. Join me as we explore how to:

  • Overcome the fear and anxiety that’s holding you back
  • Claim your personal worth and activate the dream God has given you
  • Cultivate joy and find the art of play
  • Breakthrough loneliness and isolation
  • Reclaim your health, and help others to do the same


Life easily gets overwhelming!
It’s common for your purpose to feel buried beneath busyness, worry and challenge.

During these times, breakthrough often starts with the small, daily decisions you make. Decisions to shift your perspective, to connect to God, to realign.

  • Live a bigger life (even when everything feels squeezed and small)
  • Discover and stand on the affirming truth about yourself
  • Build a strong tribe around you; rediscover your gifts and purpose

Bring your doubt, your fear and all of your pain. Let’s wrestle through issues of stress, purpose, family, faith and even the occasional freak out… together.

Casting vision that invites daring dreams

About my speaking and podcasting

There’s something powerful when women get together for the purpose of encouraging and calling each other higher.

As a speaker, my passion is to create a space that invites daring dreams.
My talks equip audiences to boldly claim significance, embrace disruption and challenge, and find passion and purpose.

Women talk, laugh, share with each other, and leave with a greater sense of purpose and connection.

  • Pursuing Your Passions and Purpose
  • Establishing the Core Values of Your Tribe
  • Owning Your Personal Worth/Identity
  • God’s Design for Healthy Community
  • Living a Healthy Life

Fill your heart with stories of significance

Tune in to the Leading a Significant Life Podcast for inspiring stories of purpose and joy. Each week Marcus and I interview guests, plus share from our own experiences, on topics like growing through challenge, overcoming resistance, and finding community.

Messages from my everyday, often funny, sometimes hard, life of significance

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My passion is to connect with you!
Let’s meet and talk more about how I can help you breakthrough into more purpose and joy every day!

Talk soon--Jen

We believe that life is better when we’re helping YOU to win. You are born to make a difference, and we use our gifts, our experience in ministry, and our passion to help you live a life of significance.

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