What Do We Do When We’re Sad?

He looked at me and with a steady voice asked, “Mrs. Jones, how do you feel about your husband doing this heart work and taking a deeper dive on his story?”

How to Find Hope In The Hard

Have you ever walked into a room and have it take you back to another point in time? Sometimes I feel that when I sit in the stands watching my daughter sideline cheer at the Friday football games.

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Sending My Kids Back-to-School

Did you know that I once bought a $75 lunch box for my five-year-old daughter? She is twelve now, and I have some perspective. But in the moment of wanting to do the right things and be the right mom I let Pinterest, the mommy bloggers and her fellow five year old friends make me believe to truly thrive in Kindergarten this box was required.

Are you Silently Quitting? Motivation VS. Determination

This past Sunday I went on a walk before church. As I hiked the wooden steps built into the side of the canyon by my house I began to consider, “Why would I even be out early in the sunny heat of August, hours before headed out to church on the weekend?”

What To Do When You Want To Give Up

I used to run for distance. I stopped. I suppose I quit. But I most certainly didn’t give up.
Running served it’s purpose—a life-giving one, in fact. It kept me sane during the first eighteen months of my fourth child’s life.