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A-Typical Can Change the World

Creating the invitations stirred a pit in my gut. Addie was turning “double ones” and it called for a party. I suppose any time you put you yourself out there for others to accept or reject, it can make you anxious. That fear for me is rooted in a day exactly eleven years ago today–fear that started the moment she was born. Could she live a life of meaning? Would she? From my perspective, that life would have to include friends.

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End of an Era

There was a day, not very long ago, that I had four kids under five. Back then, I celebrated each kid-anniversary with tremendous excitement. Every birthday in that stage seemed to mark a milestone inching me closer to my much anticipated personal freedom. It marked a year closer to my kids self-feeding and pooping by themselves. No more “Kandoo wipes” or “Mommy, pull up my pants.

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I Lied

An intelligent person aims at wise action, but a fool starts off in many directions.

Proverbs 17:24
I’d prefer to consider my mad multitasking skills a strength. But I have to admit it: the word of God is on to something.
I had good intentions. Great ones in fact. Like every mom, I pretend I can do it all. Right? I can drop off three kids at two different elementary schools that start within five minutes of each other. No problem.

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Why My Son Goes To a Low Performing Public School

As I have wrestled with the question of my son’s enrollment at a low-performing public school, I have come to a conclusion: why shouldn’t he? But maybe it would be helpful to clarify how our family ended up here.
A year and a half ago, my husband and I moved our tribe of six to the city from the suburbs. In the “burbs,” going to a neighborhood school means high-test scores. In general, it means involved parents packing higher ed degrees.

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A New Kind of Resolution

When I move forward, I often look back. I know our past does not determine our future. Most of us want to leave what is behind, behind. I agree. I don’t want to move forward with the past in my back pocket. It’s just that I gain perspective from my rear view mirror. I find courage in the back trail.
A few days ago, I sat down in the silence and remembered. I was overwhelmed. Rapidly, twelve months, 365 days, 8761 hours flooded my mind.

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