#momsanity: 15 Things I am REALLY Grateful For

I am grateful for my health, my home, my children and my husband, who made motherhood possible. But as a mom of four, there is a list of gratitude that may not be spoken around the dinner table on Thanksgiving. They are the game changers in my daily life and I am truly thankful.

Drive-thru Starbucks. This goes without saying. I’m so thankful, that whether I need it or not, I pull over.

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How Praise Changes Pain

Are you tired of your heart hurting? Me too. Do you want to be comfortable? I know. Through many seasons of heartache and difficulty, I have discovered something that brings relief. Let me take you through some of my earliest memories. They may pale in comparison to yours, but therein lies the beauty of our unique journeys. There will always be someone who has it easier; there is also someone who has it more difficult. The solution lies in where we fix our attention.

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The Myth of the Social Media ME

I’m a social media junkie. I could spend hours scrolling through my news feed or trolling other peoples’ profiles. I love this stuff. And I’ve been known to be a bit “posty.” I love to share my life with others. I enjoy the banter back and forth with friends old and new. But I heard a recent talk on mental health, and it rang true in my ears. Heather Palacios made a simple statement that really stuck with me:
Social media is for community, not identity.

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She Makes This Stuff Look Easy

Ever caught yourself saying, “I’m just a mom.” I have. This past week, this mom went away for a few days. I felt confident leaving the kids behind with my husband. He’s their dad after all, and a good one at that. But when the texts kept pinging my phone–when the flood of hilarious pics kept crowding his Facebook wall–I realized something. It’s harder than it looks.

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What Ever Happened to Original?

Have you ever felt like someone was chasing you? Like right on your tail? Ever felt like you can’t keep up? I think it’s the street where we spend most of our days. It’s the run of achieving—of accomplishing.
We might have discovered something we like to do: a job, a career—a dream. It’s the stuff that starts out fun. There is passion—possibly joy.

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