A little bit about me.

In the fall of 1999, I reconnected with a former blind date named Marcus Jones. After denying this courtship in 1997 for silly “college girl” reasons, I had now come to my senses and was ready to settle down with this great guy. We were married in the fall of 2000. That is when my adventure began. That’s when my “Party of Two” turned into a Tribe—now a whole lot of life, four spirited children and a church plant in San Diego. I live where I grew up and continue to grow.

In 2004, my life was forever changed by the birth of our first daughter, Addison Grace. The surprise diagnosis of Down Syndrome shook me to the core. It rattled what I believed. But her life became the catalyst to a deep pursuit of Jesus and a fresh perspective on the life He has given me. I discovered a courage to believe that anything is possible. Her precious life sparked a fundamental shift in my priorities. Next to Jesus, family would be my greatest strength. And so the Jones Tribe—Addison, Tatum, Brody, Piper, Marcus and me—do this life together as a party of six. And oh the party it is.

Following Jesus through the ups and downs of this life has shaped my purpose in a powerful way. Whether I’m writing or speaking, my mission is to add joy to you in the midst of life’s chaos. As you pursue your purpose, I pray you will discover an increase in your faith. I promise to keep it real, with practical application of Biblical truth through everyday situations. Like you, I have experienced pain, doubt and fear too, and I’ve experienced what Jesus can do for my good through it. So I want to convey the indomitable hope that there is purpose in your pain. We can have confidence to grow through life’s greatest challenges… together.

I am convinced that my life is made better when I help others win. So let’s connect here and start posting some victories. Bring your doubt, your fear and all of your pain. Let’s wrestle through our issues of parenting, marriage, purpose and even occasionally freak out… together.