Hi, I’m Jen!

I’m a coach, connector, and joy-amplifier.

I believe you have what it takes to create the life you love around what matters most.

I offer a comprehensive path to well-being through tailored coaching, retreats, and resources to enhance physical health, emotional resilience, spiritual transformation, and a home that thrives.

Consider me your partner in whole health.

With over two decades of marriage and raising four children, I understand the rhythms required for personal and professional growth within a busy family life.

I’m a high achieving woman of faith, passionate about nurturing my family through a values-driven, legacy approach, and stewarding my gifts and abilities to fulfill my purpose in the way God has designed for me.

I want to help you own your worth in Christ and end the comparison trap so you live free from restraint and cultivate joy in your life, even if the way is unexpected, unwanted, or unknown.

Few important facts to know about me:

✓ I’m crazy for courage but can’t stand compromise.

✓ I value stretching into the people God created us to be.

✓ Oh…and I dance on Fridays!

Let’s cultivate Big Dreams together

Work with me to reach the point of your potential.

You were created with purpose and meant to live a significant, joy-filled life.

But you weren’t meant to get there alone. I’m passionate about joining you on your journey, and gifted at bringing you through the breakthrough you’re looking for.

How? By creating space that enables you to be trained, equipped and skilled to use your story to impact others and create a life you love.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Create a life you love on the foundation of faith

Life takes unexpected turns. But experiencing the daily joy of a significant, abundant life is possible…you just need a solid foundation. These pillars help support me—they’re the bedrock of my daily decisions and my “secret” to significance!

My hope is that they become your foundation, too.


Find your identity and Christ and Christ alone. Not your achievements, your accomplishments, or anything you can do. Learn who you are and whose you are.


Experience the satisfaction that comes from surrendering stress and depending on God. Integrate self-care, soul-care, laughter and even play into your daily routine to live out your next level in true joy.


Build a phenomenal family and create a life-giving rhythm for your tribe by solidifying core values that strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.


Level up in relationships. Restore hope and joy in friendship and community.


Put your significant life into action and make a difference! Own your worth, share your story and take your next right step to impact the world around you.

Experiencing joy in faith, family and whole health.

I believe…

✨ my life is made better when I help people win.

✨ I can use my voice to add joy, increase faith, and build hope in others.

✨ my gift is to meet people at the point of their potential.

✨ in sharing more about what I’m FOR than what I’m against

✨ in being passionate about truth and grit.

✨ everyone matters, two are better than one, and anything’s possible.

Let's Connect!

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