The Myths About Friendship and How to Find the Truth

I took a poll in my Instagram stories yesterday. I wanted to know if you think female friendship is hard. Surprisingly, you all were split down the middle. For me, it has varied throughout the seasons of my life. There have been times when my cup was full with gal pals in the same stage of life and any time we could get together was life giving to overflow. Then there have been seasons I wasn’t sure where I fit. I found myself wondering who are my people? Betrayal, rejection, differing desires and opinions created distance, and I wasn’t sure if I had any friends. I’d say my life in female friendships has fallen out 50/50.
Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, I believe that you grow and heal in community. In the seasons I have been broken in my relationships, it always restored into a season of new relationship. Living in community is actually what God intended for us from the very beginning—yet our relationships often feel under attack. They can be super challenging, kind of confusing, sometimes complicated and also…TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Over the years I have found there are some common friendship roadblocks many of us face that isolate us from community. In fact, as an adult I have found a few misconceptions about friendship.
1. We should know how to make and keep friends as adults.
2. We don’t have enough friends.
3. We should have a best friend.
4. We should hold onto all friends, especially the ones from childhood.
5. We’re a “bad” friend.
Wouldn’t it be great if you were equipped with the tools to combat our misconceptions and overcome friendship roadblocks? How much more fulfilling can your closest relationships become when you are equipped to build better?
On February 7th, my best friend and I are hosting a girls night in. We will be giving the inside scoop on the highs and lows of our own friendship over the past twelve years. We will give you five practical tools that you can use to build better friendships in your own life.
Register here for this FREE event. It will cost you nothing but will be invaluable in building rich relationships that can change your life.