Release for Renewal: Three Things to Rethink Before the New Year

As we move into a new year that might not have the fresh start feel that most new years do, I have been thinking a lot about the word renew. Closing out one year and beginning a new often brings about renewal just simply by flipping the page on the calendar year. But what does that look like for 2021? We are coming off the heels of one of the most disruptive years of our lives. It was a year of halt, stop and pivot. Some of the upsides to the long pause were rest, refresh and restore. But renew? What does renew mean in a start that doesn’t feel like it might have too much fresh out the gate? So I decided to look up and define what this word actually means.

Here is what I discovered:

resume (an activity) after an interruption.

re-establish; give fresh life or strength to; revive.

•replace (something that is broken or worn out).

So as we head into a new year that might not feel like much is new, what can you do? I’ll start and share mine with you.



When COVID hit my rigorous routine of daily workouts came to a halt. My gym closed and what I thought was temporary lasted ten months. With gyms still shut down in my area, I decided it was time to begin again after a long interruption to my groove. For Christmas, my husband gifted me with an apple watch and I am utilizing the new fitness plus app. It’s time to optimize my health and resume my fitness.


At the end of 2019 we resigned from our pastoral position at Center church. Every week my husband and I used our communication gift to speak truth and encourage people in their everyday lives. This type of vocational ministry was all we ever knew as adults and a married couple. With the disruption of COVID, God directed us to do what was in our hands already and not search for something new or next in this season. As we approach a new year we are going to revive speaking truth into the hearts of people in a new way. We will be giving fresh life to our gift of communication through a podcast launching later in the first quarter of 2021.


Every year I take on one home project. It’s not a full blown renovation but revives an area that feels a little worn out. It’s often very reactionary on December 28th as I am tearing down my Christmas décor. I get a wild hair and I hustle everyone (mostly my husband) to re-do part of our home. This year I planned for it. I prepared the tribe for mom’s makeover space. I tackled the entry way in hopes that this year at some point I can welcome people back in.


What activity did you push pause on in 2020 and it’s time to resume? What part of your heart, dreams or relationships needs to be revived and re-established in your life? And what thing, big or small, is a little worn out and could be replaced with something new?


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