Jen's Ten: Gifts Money Can't Buy

Every year I post my “Jen’s Ten” top gifts I have found to give this Christmas. You can check out my post here on this years faves. But with so many obstacles, financial set backs and quite of few challenges even getting to the mall, I wanted to share a few other gifts that money can’t buy.

Maybe the best gifts are not really the ones money can’t buy. I’m not suggesting any of us wrap up a big box of nothing to place under the tree. But perhaps there are a few ways to give that are a priceless asset no amount of money could ever buy. These are a list of gifts that have brought life to me. I share with you in hopes that you might pay it forward.


1. Someone who supports your dreams.

I wish this one came easily, or just naturally fell in your lap. But it doesn’t. Which is why it is such a valuable gift. This year I joined an online group of women who are cheering me on. It has become a circle of supporters I have grown with. If you are looking for community and long for connection perhaps The Significant Life Group is for you. Whether you want to give or receive this priceless treasure. It is an awesome investment and may be the beginning to something even greater.

2. Laughter.

Need I say more? Play a game. Be silly. Get loud. Just don’t take it all so seriously.

3. Having someone listen to you intently.

Time spent listening to a friend can lift a person’s spirit and change their whole perspective. I find this happens best over a cup of coffee. Even if that’s via zoom.

4. A home-cooked meal.

This year we have had more of these than I would have liked. However, the time I once fought for with “toes under the table” has been in large supply in 2020. Check out Butcher Box for the best proteins delivered straight to your door. Life is busy and maybe a friend could use a little less drive through and a little more fresh food in their stress.

5. Feeling and being healthy.

Health is an ongoing process. While I believe we can attain our goals, it is often like the laundry: it’s never done. The only way I have been able to achieve this is through community. With my local gyms being shut down and zoom being the primary form of connection. I began to offer walks with with my neighbors this year. And if you are really feeling generous, give the gift of a health coach with a meal plan here.

6. Seeing flowers in bloom.

I love plants. I never had a green thumb. But I am finding my groove and every thing is still alive. You can give big or small. And the life you gift into their home will continue to give all through the year. My most favorite remains the fiddle leaf tree.

7. Receiving a compliment. Words are a powerful gift. One of my favorite ways to give is through apparel lines like Kick Fear in the Face. But I recently received a hand written letter from one of my health coach business partners and it literally made my DAY!

8. Having hope. This past year had some challenging days for me. But through it all I discovered I can possess hope in every area of my life. Through the struggle, I created a free online sisterhood to stir up hope. This might be a group you want to join. And it’s definitely one you can share with others.

9. Lessons learned from hard times. There is no doubt this one is priceless. A great way to attach a tangible gift to this heartfelt treasure is the gift of journaling. I find both the lesson and the book full of emotive writing priceless. I’ve actually worked through, not one—but TWO journals in 2020.

10. Dancing. The top of the charts in our house is tik tok Friday. For a good laugh or a little inspiration for your family check our dances here.


I hope this brings a fresh perspective to the way you give. And perhaps a few thoughtful ideas for your “near and dears.”