I want to BE This Kind OF Woman

“Be the kind of woman that when her feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, “Oh NO. She’s UP!” ~Joanne Clancy

Anytime I am up early working on who I want to be I can’t help but look at Proverbs 31. I want to take a look at verses 10-31. I won’t write them all here, but I encourage you to look them up later. But let me just share with you the many roles of this woman being described.


She is a wife.

She is a mom.

She is a wife.

She is a clothing designer.

She is an international business woman.

She is a chef.

She works out. And is physically fit.

She is an entrepreneur

She fights for social justice.

She is not afraid. In fact, she is certain.

Her husband is well known and respected.

She even has her own clothing line.

She is wise and faithful.

She is never lazy.

She is a good friend.


What a WOMAN. The kind of woman that makes the enemy of your soul will say, “oh no, she’s up.”

The important thing to catch amongst all the incredible accomplishments of this woman is found in vs 30, “charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting. But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” This is why this woman surpassed even the noblest of women. Not her job titles, her marital status or her social circle. Yes, she was called and walked out amazing things. But above all, it is her close relationship with God that she receives the praise. This passage in proverbs is not a job description or a to-do list for the rest of us women to take on and leg out. There are seasons in every woman’s life. And at the end of the day no matter your work, it’s not your worth. Your secret weapon is not your occupation, but the position of your heart.

You might be building a business, starting a family or waiting on your “next step”. God is calling us, women to be His ambassadors. In the marketplace, in the playgrounds at the local school. Our roles as woman are many. So whatever God has asked you to do, depend on Him. What we do with our life is an opportunity for us to use whatever has been given to us and use to serve others, making a difference in Jesus’ name.

This woman in proverbs is often described as the virtuous woman. But the original language actually means “woman of valor.” Valor is defined as great courage in the face of danger. Especially battle. The kind of woman that the devil shutters when her feat hit the floor. “Oh NO! She’s up!”

Some of you are fighting for your life, your marriage, your children. Maybe it’s a friendship or your dreams. Keep on fighting. Follow your passions. Don’t stop now. You have a story worth telling, memories worth remembering, dreams worth working toward, a body worth nourishing, a soul worth tending, and beyond that, the God of the universe desires to dwell within you. His SUPER desires to inspire your NATURAL. The result is simply miraculous. And it will make the accuser of your truth shutter, “oh No! She’s up.”

You can let go of your limiting beliefs. You can step toward the life you want to live. You have been crafted in the very image of God. His Spirit and power have been made available to you. Be the kind of woman that when her feet hit the floor, the devil says, “oh No! she’s up!”

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