Do THIS To Create The Life You Love

I did it. We did it. God + Me + a team of incredibly gifted and faith filled women hosted an incredible online event this past Saturday called the Significant Conference.

A short four months ago, there was no plan for Significant. With the disruption of COVID, the thought of an in person live event seemed pointless. Beyond that, my family had just embarked upon a big transition just a few months prior as we resigned from the pastoral leadership of the church we planted. I’m not doing Significant. How can I? Who will come? We are back to the four walls and here I sit with our party of six. We are all we’ve got. Who is my community? What does that even mean right now? I am not even in ministry anymore so who am I to put on a faith based women’s event? Who I was and where I hosted no longer even existed. Why would I do something that seems as though the season has ended? I just took off the title of pastor’s wife, I’ve worn that jacket for twenty years. How am I Significant now? What space of women will even consider me of worth?

These were the thoughts in my head as I embarked upon the idea of making a pivot to create an online event. It would have been safe, simple and more comfortable to just let COVID circumstances give me a pass. But I don’t want to play it safe. Not for me, my marriage, my children or the community of women God has called me to. I want to play to win. That’s the difference between fear and faith. If fear dictates your decisions you are on the defense, reactive and cautious. But making decisions by faith means pushing past fear – going on the offense in life.

Faith moves God. He absolutely loves it. It PLEASES Him. When our YES is motivated for His glory, it moves His heart and His hand. Daring? Yes. Worth it? No doubt about it. So what do you need to do? What’s your next step? Albeit unknown, uncomfortable and maybe a little unexpected–Saying “YES!” leads you to the possibility of what your life can become.

The Significant Conference surpassed my expectations. God showed up and He showed off. It was one of those Ephesians 3:20 moments where he went above and beyond what I hoped, asked and imagined. It increased my faith. In fact it made me believe in Him for even more. It actually compelled me to leap into another adventure. This time a six week group. It’s called the Significant Life Group. It’s six weeks to build the life you love on the foundation of faith.


Are you are tired of “NO” keeping you handcuffed from proactively pursuing your passions and purposes?


There’s a YES in your future. Audaciously take the offense. Join me for this group so you can grow in your faith, level up in your relationships, discover God’s call on your life, solidify the core values that build a phenomenal family and have FUN. Refuse to take NO for an attitude, and together let’s dare to say YES!