You are Exactly Where You Need To Be

Where you are is where you are supposed to be! Literally? “Yes!” If you are reading this post consider it on purpose. And figuratively, “Yes!” Hold your head up girl because where you find yourself today is part of your God ordained, SIGNIFICANT journey.

I’m tired of girls saying, if only I started sooner, or if I had just launched before her, or I wished I would have know then—I get it. But perhaps you weren’t ready and you wouldn’t have succeeded like you are now. Any sooner and your circumstances might have caused you to crumble instead of experience the success you see today. If you would have known then your heart might not have been ready—It wouldn’t have helped you move forward the way it does now.




Not for what you’ve done or haven’t done, where you’ve been or where you are going. Simply because you are YOU. And wherever you find yourself TODAY, is part of the path that is enabling you to live out the dream, the story and God ordained planned God has promised you. So hold your head high. Enough with the self bullying, downplaying, demeaning talk you shame on yourself. Start today. Right where you are—it’s not too late, you haven’t missed out. Stop looking back. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep on stepping.


I roll in circles with dreamers and doers. I’ve not always considered myself an entrepreneur. I find it fun to dream, I have vision, I love to create, I’m intuitive, I’m compelled to serve and I desire to make a difference. The circle of innovators, leaders and self starters tends to be a circle that insatiably craves more and more and more. It’s beautiful to achieve…BUT I don’t think you have to hustle for something God already says is true. I’m not suggesting you don’t work. I’m not suggesting you don’t have a plan and do your part. I love to work. In fact I’m an Enneagram type three. Also known as the achiever. If anything, I could lean towards being a workaholic. I want you to be passionate about your work. It’s likely pursuit of your God given purpose. I’m just saying that where you find yourself now IS part of the path. And a significant part in fact. I would like to encourage you to stop wishing you were further along, regretting the past or believing that somehow you would be doing better if you were more like “them.” Stay in your lane. Only look back to see how far you’ve come. Look ahead only as a reminder of where you are going. And rarely look to the left or right. Glance that direction to celebrate the ones beside you. Any more than that you miss the moment. And when you miss the moment you are missing a significant piece of what God has for YOU.


Allow yourself to grow into where you’re going. You might be taking a step into something new. GREAT. Don’t blame the past. Let go of offense towards others. We are all a work in progress. Just be grateful it got you to this point and embrace it’s part of your path. Do not define yourself or others on a moment in time, a statement said or mistake made. Lord knows I‘ve done things that I don’t want to be defined by forever. You have, too. So be gracious and allow people, yourself included, the space to grow into all that God has both for now and for the future. Don’t define yourself or others by this limited space. God’s taking you somewhere. If you are being hard on yourself or others it can be difficult to appreciate the present or see beyond into the future. Perhaps where you are now is where you once dreamed of being. Congratulations! I feel that with you. And how wonderful to know that what you have is not all that God has. He still has more in store for you. But perhaps you are disappointed with the place you find yourself. That is okay, too. Either way, hopeful or defeated, anticipating or doubting, God sees you and invites you to take one next step. Will you take it? Will you decide to grow? Will you decide to make this the best year of your life? It may not be the result of all your dreams coming true, crushing your goals or the circumstances of this world changing. But it can be your best year ever because you decide to invest in your faith!

That is what the Significant Life Group is all about. I’m inviting you to take a step with me. It’s 6 weeks where FAITH meets PERSONAL GROWTH. You will establish your core values for richer relationships. You will dive deeper into God’s call on your life. You will understand how your story matters and continue the pursuit of your God given dreams. You will connect meaningfully with other like-hearted women you see here, and together we will sink our roots into the anchor that is Jesus. You can set up a call with me here to confirm this is a good next step for you and your significant life.