Jen's Ten: A Gift Guide for All The People In Your Life

If you are new around here you have stumbled upon one of my favorite posts of the year. I love sharing some of my choice trends and finds that make incredible gifts. Most of them will suit just about anyone on your list. And there is always a couple to load in the cart for yourself. A few of these brands were designed by my friends, owned and operated by some incredible women I know, love and admire.

For someone dear: A Subscription Box. When you don’t know what to give. Give the gift that keeps on giving. I love a good subscription box. The Glory Box is a monthly curated Faith Filled subscription box to encourage you and inspire you to walk in Godfidence through faith filled items selected for you and delivered to your doorstep! Designed and curated by my friend Yvonne Ortiz founder of Blessed and Faithful.


For the one seeking growth: Purchase a course that helps them expand their skills or their mindsets. One of my favorites for small business owners is Instasuccess created by my friend and brand strategist Brodie Pierson. He has created a blueprint to generate customers through Instagram without having to have thousands of followers. Brodie helps entrepreneurs identify their ideal clients by authentically connecting through social media.


For a co-worker: Freedom Movement “Own The Light” Hoodie. The founder of FM is my personal friend, Karrie Garcia, which makes me bias to this brand. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to the world through a growing movement of courageous women and men willing to take bold steps to break out of their norms in order to accept God’s love for themselves and in turn offer that love to others. When you give this gift, you are giving meaning. I love a present that speaks.

For a teen girl: GLOSSIER! Get the Makeup And Skincare Products Inspired By Real People and their brand claims to be the skincare you need, makeup you want. Fun, easy, wearable, personal. It’s no wonder that two of my three girls requested items from this line this Christmas. Check out their gift guide for affordable bundles.
For a teen boy: Bass Pro Hat. My 14-year-old son doesn’t go anywhere without his hat. And he has asked for the same cap in three different colors. This hunting and fishing outdoorsman brand has made its way into mainstream fashion and you can’t go wrong with this affordable style for your teens.
For your kid’s stockings: Stickers. My kids cover their water bottles in stickers. Elevated Faith stickers are super cute to cover their Hydroflask and bring hope filled messages. Elevated Faith creates conversation starters that might also spark conversation with their friends about their faith.
For a fun friend: Shape Tape. I can’t live without the best under eye cream EVER. Don’t laugh…it’s a great gift for a fun friend. Trust me. I’ve even bought multiple travel size so I can drop one in my bag wherever I go. I promise it will become your friends go-to cosmetic item.
For a family member: LuLuLemon is a luxury athletic brand that has on the go or at the gym gear that will be the perfect fit for any family member. They have a great gift guide with varying price points to make a purchase your loved ones will appreciate.
For anyone: Sneakers. I don’t know any one who doesn’t love a good pair of tennis shoes. Current trends pair sneakers with your best athleisure wear, denim or even a dress. I’m going to suggest three different pairs at three different price points. But don’t delay on your purchase because these are all selling out.
For yourself: Joey James the Label. These bags are a dream come true designed by the incredible and kind Shari Shula. I met her through a faith filled mastermind this past year for women in business hosted by Brooke Thomas. At Joey James, we believe you’re going places. All you need is someone who believes in you, and a bag that can keep up. I’m wearing one of my favorite designs inspired by Shari’s mom.
I hope this helps with some of your last minute shopping needs. Maybe a fresh idea or a new brand. And perhaps a few thoughtful ideas for your “near and dears.” Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!