Unshakable Promise

Unshakable Promise


Luke 1:37 (NIV)

“For no word from God will ever fail.”

Somewhere along the journey of life I started caring about what others think. It wasn’t just a select few; it was a general concern for the opinions of others. The seeds of this concern were sown after being misunderstood, unheard, or facing criticism, both in person and online. I’m aware of the judgments, the misread intentions, and the times when others have been wrong about me. Even when they were right, the sting of slander still hurts. I’ve been wounded, but I refuse to be a victim. I recognize my weaknesses even before they’re pointed out. So, I turned to God, asking Him to show me and change me, to bring abundance to my deficiencies. He did His part because He never fails. Yet, I still find myself crippled by fear, with your opinions hovering over me.

The questions echo in my mind: What will you say? What will you think? How will you perceive me? Will you like me? Will you love what I do? Or will you be critical, judgmental, or even unkind? The answers to these questions have instilled fear in my heart, causing me to shrink back and hold myself back from becoming all that God created me to be.

It’s time for a change, but the change must come from within me. It’s not your fault; you own your thoughts and judgments, just as I own mine. I must stop holding myself back and get out of my way. 

Even when I’m consumed by the fear of human opinion, I’m reminded of Luke 1:37: “For no word from God will ever fail.” In this promise, I find strength to overcome. It reassures me that I am not defined by the judgments of others but by the unshakeable word of God.

My journey is not about disregarding the opinions of others but rather embracing God’s opinions above all else. He is my ultimate authority, and His call and commands must take precedence in my life. And it is in ABUNDANCE


How does this inspire you to break free from the fear of human opinion and live in obedience to God’s call and commands?

How can you practically apply this promise to your daily life and decision-making, especially when faced with the opinions and judgments of others?