Unmasking Your Inner Critic

Unmasking Your Inner Critic


Matthew 6:24a (NIV)

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. 

There’s a relentless voice that often resides within us—the inner critic. This internal presence can be harsh, unforgiving, and critical. It constantly questions our motives, highlights our weaknesses, and thrives on making us doubt ourselves. It’s as if this inner critic delights in pointing out our failures and insecurities. It leaves us worried, distracted, and racing to please everyone while trying not to offend anyone.

For many of us, this inner critic has become a constant companion, always ready to engage in combative conversations. But have you ever wondered why we tolerate this relentless companion? The answer is not simple. It’s because, beneath all the poking and prodding, the inner critic extends a subtle invitation—an invitation to serve a master different from Jesus. This master is the approval of others.

In the scripture Jesus warns us that we cannot serve two masters. While the context in this verse relates to money, it’s applicable to various aspects of our lives, especially the pursuit of approval from others. When we seek approval from sources outside of God, we unknowingly become devoted to them and, in the process, distance ourselves from God.

I have become aware of this and now I consistently ask God to help me recognize when I am seeking approval from sources other than Him. We can ask God for the wisdom to discern the voice of our inner critic and the strength to redirect our devotion solely to Him.


Do you recognize your inner critic’s voice, and how does it impact your thoughts and actions?

What are the subtle ways in which you seek approval from others, and how might this affect your relationship with God?