Unity in Community

Unity in Community


Matthew 18:20 (NIV)

For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.

When we come together in the name of Jesus, His spirit dwells among us, magnifying our collective strength and purpose.

Imagine a circle of friends coming together to support one another on their faith journeys. Some may take the courageous step of publicly professing their faith through baptism. The presence of their friends not only makes this significant milestone possible but also strengthens their resolve to live out their faith. 

Community is a wellspring of courage for families, as well. Whether it’s the birth of a child, the journey of adoption, or the selfless act of fostering, the support and faith of friends can ease fears and uncertainties. This collective encouragement helps families grow in love and unity.

One of the most impactful expressions of community is its ability to serve and uplift others. When individuals unite for a common cause, their efforts can be transformative. Serving the homeless, providing for those in need, and volunteering in support of various charitable organizations becomes a mighty endeavor when done together.

Community is not just about shared fellowship; it’s also about the pooling of resources, abilities, and faith to make a collective impact. While we are strong individuals, our strength multiplies when we come together. The presence of Jesus at our gatherings enhances our shared purpose, making us a force for good in the world.


Consider the role of Jesus’ presence in your community gatherings. How does His presence amplify your shared purpose and potential when you come together in His name?

In what ways can you harness the power of unity in your community to make a positive impact on those around you?