The Source of Joy: Praise, Discomfort, and Rest

The Source of Joy: Praise, Discomfort, and Rest


Psalm 16:9 (NLT)

No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety.

Have you ever noticed how joy can emerge from the most unexpected places in life? Psalm 16:9 sheds light on the deep wellsprings of joy, teaching us that it often arises from praise, discomfort, and rest. 

Praise: The act of praising God is a powerful generator of joy. It lifts our spirits and aligns our hearts with gratitude. In every circumstance, we can bless the Lord, trusting in His wisdom and goodness even when we don’t fully comprehend His ways. Praise nurtures a sense of gladness that wells up from the depths of our souls. As we sing His praises, even in the midst of trials, our hearts brim with joy.

Discomfort: Joy isn’t always born from moments of ease. In fact, it often springs from a place of discomfort, challenging us to grow and stretch beyond our boundaries. While growth can be uncomfortable, it is crucial to our spiritual development. It’s during these seasons of growth that we gain a deeper capacity for joy. So, don’t be discouraged when life presents challenges. They can be the catalyst for newfound joy.

Rest: A surprising source of joy is rest. However, Biblical rest isn’t merely about taking a break; it’s about relying on God, trusting in His timing, and resting in His promises. When we find rest in God’s presence, we tap into a wellspring of joy. It’s the assurance that He is with us, guiding our steps and granting us the safety and refuge we need to experience joy even in the midst of life’s storms.

I once embarked on a transformative journey through Italy and Greece, a time filled with unforgettable moments and life-altering experiences. The lessons I learned about joy were significant. I realized that God’s presence and guidance are not limited to special trips; they can be integrated into our daily lives. Rest, in the Biblical sense, is about drawing near to God and leaning on His strength. As we rest in Him, we find joy flowing from the wellspring of His love and faithfulness.

Joy, then, is not merely an emotion; it’s a fruit of the Spirit that blooms in the garden of our hearts. Its roots are in praise, discomfort, and rest. It’s the joyful song that rises from our lips, the growth we experience through life’s challenges, and the peace we find in the presence of our loving God.


How has recognizing God’s presence as your source of rest influenced the way you approach the challenges and uncertainties in your life? Can you share a specific experience where you found rest in God’s presence?

In a world filled with distractions and busyness, how can you intentionally cultivate a greater awareness of God’s presence in your daily life?