The Promise of Plenty

The Promise of Plenty


John 14:2a (NIV)

“My Father’s house has many rooms.”

I once had an emotional meltdown over an Easter invitation.

True story.

The invitation came to my house from a church that had just started up in my neighborhood. MY neighborhood. The one we had been pastoring for years, through no small amount of effort and sacrifice.

Where I should have celebrated the expanse of the kingdom, instead I felt threatened.

Ultimately God used this invitation, and the accompanying meltdown, to lead me into a new season of my life. But in the process, He also surfaced a harsh reality that I was falsely living under, which was that my desire for more had me thinking and believing in less.

Today, let’s reflect on the promise of plenty that Jesus gave to His disciples. In God’s house, there is an abundance of room, space, and blessings. Jesus reassures us that there is more than enough for everyone. How does this promise of plenty impact your view of God’s heart and resources? Let’s explore this abundant mindset and how it can transform our lives.

When we meditate on this promise, it invites us to consider the nature of God’s heart and His limitless resources. God’s heart is overflowing with love and compassion for His children. His resources are inexhaustible. He is not a stingy or limited God. Instead, He is a God of boundless grace and provision.

How does your current perspective on God’s abundance, or lack thereof, influence your daily life and interactions with others? Take a moment to reflect on specific situations where your mindset has had an impact.


In what ways can you actively cultivate an abundant mindset in your life?

Consider practical steps you can take to trust more in God’s limitless blessings, share your abundance with others, and find contentment in His sufficiency.