The Perfecting Power of Obedience

The Perfecting Power of Obedience


Psalm 138:8 (NIV)

The Lord will vindicate me; Your love, Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of Your hands.

In the quiet of our home, my husband Marcus and I would gaze at the architectural rendering of our church plant, Hope Center. It was more than just a blueprint; it was a vision, a dream we held dear to our hearts. Every day, that drawing on our wall served as a reminder of the future we believed God had called us to build. It was big, inspiring, and full of potential, and we were wholeheartedly committed to seeing it fulfilled.

But sometimes, God’s plans lead us on a different path; one we never expected.

Our vision of Hope Center never came to pass. Instead, we found ourselves facing a different ending, one that at first felt like a failure. We were stepping away from the dream we had held onto for so long. I, in particular, had to confront the fear of losing a piece of myself. You see, I had been a pastor’s wife for decades, and that role had become an integral part of my identity. As we said goodbye to the vision hanging on the wall, I faced an identity crisis that I never saw coming.

This experience is not uncommon. Endings often trigger feelings of failure or loss in our lives. We tend to associate them with a sense of defeat. But here’s the remarkable thing: God sees endings differently. He views them as opportunities for new beginnings, as moments of growth and perfecting. It’s a perspective shift that took me a while to fully embrace.

You see, obedience to God may sometimes feel like failure, but in reality, it’s God’s way of perfecting His work in us. It’s a process of refining and shaping us into vessels that can carry out His divine plans. 

Psalm 138:8 serves as a beautiful reminder of this truth: “The Lord will vindicate me; Your love, Lord, endures forever—do not abandon the works of Your hands.” Even when it seems like things are going wrong on the surface, God is at work beneath the surface, lining up every detail of our lives according to His divine plan. His love endures forever, unwavering and steadfast.

We may not always understand the process, but we can trust that His love, grace, and wisdom will guide us to the place of fulfillment and significance He has prepared for us.

Perhaps today, God is calling you to release your grip on something familiar, something that defines you, and embrace His greater plan. I invite you to lean into that journey of obedience, knowing that the Lord is faithful to perfect that which concerns you, no matter how uncertain or challenging the path may seem.

As you lean in, remember that God’s plans are higher and more profound than we can imagine. Our faithfulness to obey His leading will bring fruit that endures. God’s love sustains us through every ending, and He’s there by our side in every new beginning.

So take heart when obedience leads you to unfamiliar territory. Embrace the endings as God’s invitation to perfect and shape you for His divine purpose. Trust that He will never abandon the works of His hands, and His love will carry you through every change and transformation. With obedience as your compass, you can eagerly await the beautiful fulfillment of God’s perfect work in your life today.


Have you ever faced an ending in your life that left you feeling like you had failed or lost something significant? 

In what ways can you trust in God’s love, grace, and wisdom to guide you through periods of change and transformation? 

How does the knowledge that God’s love endures forever provide comfort and assurance as you navigate life’s uncertainties?