The Hidden Desires Behind Seeking Approval

The Hidden Desires Behind Seeking Approval


Matthew 6:24b (NIV)

Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

Our inner critic has a way of pushing us towards a constant desire for approval from others. It often masquerades as innocent motives, like keeping the peace, increasing someone’s happiness, or serving a need. However, lurking beneath these seemingly noble aims is another, more insidious motiveā€”to earn the stamp of approval.

In our pursuit of approval, we inadvertently serve a different master from Jesus. We become devoted to the approval of others and, without realizing it, distance ourselves from God. This separation can be subtle, but its impact is profound.

Consider this scenario: What if God were to ask you to say no to something, even if it might make someone unhappy? Or what if He calls you to give in a way that others won’t understand? What if He urges you to share His good news, even when it may offend someone? In these moments, you might find yourself hesitating, feeling that God’s requests are too hard, too uncomfortable.

Jesus’ point is clear: seeking approval from others can create a divide in our devotion, leading us to resent God when His requests challenge the approval-seeking mindset.


Think about a time when you felt torn between seeking approval from others and following God’s guidance, even when it was uncomfortable.

How did you navigate that situation?

What did it reveal about your priorities and devotion?