The Grit and Glory of Faith

The Grit and Glory of Faith


Psalm 84:11 (NIV)

For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

In our fast-paced world of instant gratification, waiting has become a challenge. We’ve grown accustomed to the idea that everything should be at our fingertips, available when we want it, how we want it, and right now. We’re bombarded with promises of “instant success” and “3 easy steps” to achieve our desires. But the promises of God often require us to wait, wrestle, and endure before they manifest in our lives.

However, the promises of God for our lives often involve a process of waiting. It’s during this waiting period that our character is exercised and our faith is tested. These are integral aspects of Biblical faith that have been practiced for centuries. Just as Abraham had to wait for the fulfillment of God’s promises, we, too, encounter seasons of waiting.

The imagery of God as both a sun and a shield is a powerful one. Like the sun, God provides us with light, warmth, and guidance. His presence in our lives illuminates our path and gives us the clarity to move forward. At the same time, He acts as a shield, protecting us from harm and danger. With God as our sun and shield we are both guided and guarded. 

The process requires waiting and it isn’t always glamorous; it often requires grit and determination. Our desire for our dream can overshadow the reality of the hard work and growth involved. But every step in the journey, every moment of faith, is a part of God’s fruitful process that prepares us for the blessings He has in store.

God has made the promise, and our role is to trust in His faithfulness. Those who shrink back in skepticism and impatience miss out on the promise, while those who walk in faith and commitment experience the blessing. The unknown may seem daunting, but it’s in those moments of uncertainty that our commitment to God is tested and strengthened.

Perhaps the most comforting part of this verse is the assurance that God does not withhold any good thing from those whose walk is blameless. This doesn’t mean that we have to be perfect; rather, it reflects a heart that seeks God’s ways and desires to live in alignment with His will. As we draw near to Him, God graciously provides for our needs and blesses us with His goodness.

When we feel weak or overwhelmed, let us turn to the Lord, our source of strength and grace. His light will lead us out of darkness, and His shield will protect us from harm. Trust in His favor and honor, and walk in His ways, seeking His guidance and protection. In God’s presence, you will find an abundance of blessings, and His grace will sustain you through every season you wait.


In what ways have you experienced God’s guidance and protection in your life, similar to the imagery of God as a sun and shield in Psalm 84:11?

Can you share a specific instance where you felt His presence leading you or shielding you from harm?