The Decision I Made At The End Of My Own Abilities

Have you ever sat with that feeling of “Who am I to do this?” Or maybe it’s “How am I going to do this?” Either way it can leave you feeling a little like an imposter. This is not your cue to stop. This is your cue to lean in. If you haven’t had a tiny hint of the question, “Can I really do this?” then you might not have scratched the surface of what you are capable of and the GOOD that’s about to come.

I’m sitting on a plane as I type this headed to the national leadership convention for my business. Eight years ago was my first time to this event, and it was the day I decided to start my business and become a coach. On that day, I was a mixture of “Who am I?” and “How will I?” That’s a decision made by faith.

“Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.” Hebrews 11:1

With each passing year and new stage of growth riddled with moments beyond my abilities, I am reminded. I I lean into FAITH; I have access to God’s power. So when you start feeling a little weak in ability that isn’t your cue to stop, but to lean into the One with all capability and just watch what He will do through you.


I still sit with the question, “Can I do this?” But not about my business, because I am DOING this. This question evades parts of my heart and life, and it always will as long as you stay in pursuit. But this is the testimony of faith. You can build your next decision on the one before that He has proven Himself faithful through. Lean and don’t quit and watch and see what

God can do through you.

I know this can be really tough. I understand it logically, but I can forget that I’m just getting to the good part when I’m uncertain of myself. But if I can–so can you. And it’s really just a decision.

I decided to follow Jesus.

I decided to build God’s Kingdom.

I decided to build a business.

I decided I can do both.

I decided to own my worth.

I decided to let go of doubt.

I decided to use gifts to create.

I decided to serve mankind.

I decided to live uncomfortable.

I decided to increase my faith.

I decided to walk into rooms that I was not qualified to be in.


And so do you. It’s a decision to create the life you love. And when you decide opposition will always come in and short credit you and your dream, you will feel like an imposter. But, you are NOT. You’re like me—a child of God created to do good works that He has prepared in advance for you. So kill off all other options and keep deciding to level up!


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