Strength in Waiting

Strength in Waiting


Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Waiting is often viewed as a passive activity, yet Psalm 27:14 challenges us to wait for the Lord actively. It calls us to be strong and take heart as we place our hope and trust in Him. This verse reminds us that waiting on God is not a futile exercise but a deliberate act of faith that strengthens us.

When we face challenges or uncertainties, our natural inclination may be to rush ahead or seek quick solutions. However, God invites us to wait patiently for Him, knowing that His timing is perfect and His plans are best. As we wait, we are reminded of His faithfulness throughout history and in our own lives.

Waiting for the Lord involves surrendering our desires and agendas, trusting that He will renew our strength. It’s an opportunity to cultivate a deeper intimacy with Him, seeking His guidance and wisdom in every situation. In the waiting, we discover that our hope in Him leads to renewed vigor and endurance.

Reflect on areas in your life where you are currently waiting on God. Are there situations causing you to grow impatient or anxious? Take courage in knowing that waiting on the Lord is an active expression of faith. Allow Psalm 27:14 to encourage you to be strong and take heart, trusting that God will provide the strength you need to persevere.

As we wait for the Lord, let’s embrace this season as a time of growth and preparation. May we find strength in His presence, knowing that as we wait on Him, He will renew our strength like eagles, enabling us to run without growing weary and walk without fainting.


How can we shift our perspective on waiting from viewing it as a passive activity to seeing it as an active expression of faith and trust in God’s timing? Can you think of a personal experience where waiting on the Lord led to unexpected growth or blessings in your life?

How can Psalm 27:14 inspire and guide us in these moments of waiting, and how can we apply this scripture to our daily lives?