Soaring on Wings of Active Waiting

Soaring on Wings of Active Waiting


Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Waiting is rarely easy. In a world that values quick results and instant gratification, the concept of patiently waiting can be challenging to grasp. Yet, the Bible tells us that waiting on the Lord is an essential aspect of our faith journey.

Isaiah 40:31 beautifully illustrates the idea of active waiting. It’s not merely sitting idle but rather an expectant, hopeful anticipation while being engaged in the process. The verse uses the metaphor of soaring on wings like eagles, running without growing weary, and walking without becoming faint. These actions depict active engagement, even in times of waiting.

Consider the eagle, a powerful and majestic bird. While it soars at great heights, it is not idle. The eagle actively scans its surroundings, remains attentive to opportunities, and waits for the right moment to swoop down with precision and speed. Similarly, we are called to be active in our waiting on the Lord. 

  1. Hope in the Lord: The verse begins with “those who hope in the Lord.” This hope is not passive but a confident expectation that God’s promises will be fulfilled. We actively place our trust and confidence in Him.
  2. Renewal of Strength:When we wait upon the Lord, we allow Him to renew our strength. It’s during these times of active waiting that we draw closer to God, seeking His presence, reading His Word, and spending time in prayer. Our strength is revitalized as we actively pursue this connection.
  1. Soaring on Wings Like Eagles: Just like the eagle is actively engaged while soaring, we, too, can be actively involved in our spiritual growth and journey. In waiting, we seek a higher perspective, looking beyond our circumstances and trusting that God has a purpose for the wait. 
  1. Running and Walking: Active waiting also involves continuing to run the race and walk in faith, even when we don’t see immediate results. It’s moving forward in obedience, trusting that God’s timing is perfect.


So, while waiting may feel like a period of inactivity, it can be one of the most active and transformative seasons of your faith. It’s a time to trust, seek, and actively draw near to God. Embrace this season with hope and an expectation of God’s promises. As you actively wait, you will find that your strength is renewed, and you will soar on wings like eagles in your spiritual journey. In the waiting you’ll discover a deeper, more profound connection with God and a faith that can endure any trial.


What are some practical ways you can actively wait on the Lord in your current season of life, and how do you see this active waiting renewing your strength and faith?