Rowing Through Disappointment: Trusting God's Faithfulness

Rowing Through Disappointment: Trusting God's Faithfulness


Psalm 119:90 (VOICE)

Your faithfulness endures to every generation; You founded the earth, and it remains.

This psalm gives parents a comforting truth to hold onto, especially when we confront the challenging reality that we cannot shield our children from all discomfort, change, or challenges. While our parental instincts urge us to protect and shelter, there is wisdom in allowing our children to face and navigate adversity. 

Hardship and challenges are an inevitable part of life, and they serve as the crucible where anxiety transforms into trust. The path to personal growth is often riddled with difficulty. It’s a paradox where what’s tough for us is often what’s best for us. 

Looking back on our own lives, we can see that every significant achievement and personal growth has emerged through adversity and hardship. Each challenge has elevated us to a new level of faith and understanding. This pattern applies not only to us as parents but also to our children.

If we desire our children to experience authentic freedom and vibrant life, we must guide them through the tough times. We should stand by their side, providing support, yet allowing them to feel the discomfort and learn from it. We cannot accomplish this if we are bound by worry or if we try to meticulously orchestrate every step they take. 

It’s time to turn a deaf ear to the voice of fear and the whispers of accusation that we might not be doing enough or that something might go wrong. Instead of parenting from a place of panic over potential mishaps or concerns about who our children might become, let’s embrace faith. Let’s trust in God’s faithfulness and parent with the conviction of who God desires our children to be.

In trusting God’s faithfulness and leading our children with faith, we empower them to grow, adapt, and thrive in the face of life’s challenges. We can encourage them to be resilient, to persevere, and to discover the strength within them. And in the process, we teach them the most valuable lesson of all: that God’s faithfulness endures through every generation, guiding and sustaining us through life’s many seasons.


Can you think of a challenging experience or hardship from your own life that ultimately led to personal growth and increased faith?

How can you shift your parenting approach from fear and worry to one that trusts in God’s faithfulness and His plan for your children’s lives?