Love in Action: Being 'Come with Me' People

Love in Action: Being 'Come with Me' People


John 13:35 (NIV)

“By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

In a world overflowing with noise and self-promotion, the hallmark of a true disciple of Jesus isn’t a loud proclamation of faith or an impressive display of religious deeds. Instead, it’s the love we have for one another.

Imagine for a moment the people in your life, both known and unknown, with whom you want to build meaningful relationships. It doesn’t matter if that list is short or long, what’s essential is your intention to steward these connections with care. Our Christian journey isn’t meant to be walked alone; it’s enriched through genuine friendships and a sense of community.

Community and friendship don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template. Each relationship is as unique as the individuals involved. Your community may look different from your neighbor’s, and that’s perfectly fine. What matters is taking proactive steps in nurturing relationships rather than passively waiting for them to happen.

In a world where the prevailing mantra is often “Look at me,” let’s be the ones who say, “Come with me.” Extend an invitation to others to join your journey, to share in your joys, your struggles, and your faith. This is the essence of love in action: creating space for people in our lives, walking together, and demonstrating the love of Christ through our genuine care for one another. In doing so, we obey Jesus’ command, and we make it evident to the world that we are His devoted disciples.

As you go about your day, consider the people around you. Who is God nudging you to invite into your life and your community? As you reach out to others, remember that you’re living out Jesus’ call to love one another, and this is how the world recognizes you as His disciple.


Who are the individuals you feel prompted to invite into your life or your community?

In what ways can you demonstrate love in action by extending the “Come with me” invitation to those around you, showcasing Christ’s love through your care for one another?