I'm Bored:things to do with Tweens & Teens in Quarantine

I’m sure you’ve heard it said a time or two in the recent weeks, oh wait, month. “I’m bored.” My response, “Me too!” While I must admit I don’t miss my job as uber mom in this season of parenting, less extra curricular activities have left large gaps of time throughout our day.

Today’s blog is not intended to tell you how to structure your day or the amount of screen time your kids should have. In fact, in our home there has been a bit of an ebb and flow for this. I like to believe we are all doing the best we can in a time that has served us up a dirty cocktail of pain and gratitude. Today, I just thought I would share a few things we have come up with.

Boredom might spark creativity because a restless mind hungers for stimulation.


1. Sidewalk Chalk Art.

Oddly, this was a big hit in the toddler years. It’s certainly not a new idea. But with limited options to get outside and a few years to perfect their drawing skills the kids minds were open to more elaborate creations. It was an activity all levels of artists could participate in, myself included. It was actually quite therapeutic and something I enjoyed getting down on the dusty concrete, rolling up my sleeves and making a masterpiece alongside my kids.


2. Sweat together

This has actually been a pleasant surprise in our quarantine routine. The decision to do a daily workout began early on in “shelter in place.” Everybody missed their sports and activities, including my husband and I for our daily Orange Theory. As sports ended and gyms quickly closed, interactive HIIT workouts began releasing on our OTF app. I simply asked the kids to join me late one afternoon. I mean really, what else were they going to do?! To my surprise, the quick switch up in motion and the upbeat music caught their interest and, five weeks in, it’s become our late afternoon habit of choice. The science is there. Getting your body moving and the release of endorphins from a good sweat boosts the mood. Turns out, even your kids will get addicted.


3. Tie dye

There is no denying this trend is back. With the look of the ads in my Instagram feed, I’d swear it’s 1978. I have found this activity doesn’t grow old, even for the little man in my tribe. The essentials to create your own unique design are a quick and affordable find on Amazon. We have enjoyed making many variations of swirled colors and even different cuts of the cloth. And for the teens of your crew they can take it a step further by making a quick DIY video tutorial. Check out my daughter’s here.