How to Live an Atypical life

I never thought much about having kids. And if I did on a game of MASH (google it) in the back row at church in junior high, it was definitely to have two. That’s right, a husband, a house, a career, two cars in the garage and two kids playing in the yard. Actually, the thought of that now seems pleasant but so “typical.” My first-born daughter wrecked that thought and brought new perspective into all our lives. At first, I fought it. Typical, I thought I wanted typical. Addie wrecked all that. It’s amazing how a tiny seven-pound little bundle can alter your life and then ALTAR your life in a matter of moments. After the atypical diagnosis of Down Syndrome for our first-born baby girl we set off to live a life that was anything but typical.

Next step was having baby two, baby three and baby number four, all in a five-year stretch. Atypcial. After that we took a breath. We bought the house. We had the career. We upgraded the car. Until we were reminded…atypical. And so we left the white picket fence life and headed to the urban core where the Jonestribe, party of six started a brand new church to serve those who were not yet reached with the truth of God’s word in an underserved part of our city. It was then that I also launched a health coaching business to help provide for our lives and our dreams. Why in the world would I do what seemed normal with a typical 9-5. Atypcial.

This was the beginning of more than I imagined and has evolved into creating the space I thought was only in my dreams. That alone is atypical.

I create space that enables others to be trained, equipped and skilled to use their story to impact others and build a life they love. In this same space I have been able to invite my children in. This space has enabled them a place to use their God given gifts, to find purpose and enable serving. This past weekend the space enabled many people to discover new dreams and a vision fulfilled for me. Some were able to find confirmation and some inspiration. For my daughter she was able to use application. With all the zeal she has for life and passion for the stage with microphone in hand, my oldest daughter addressed the crowd and announced it was time for lunch. The audience erupted in applause as she confidently led them through the afternoon agenda. Addie loves to lead, she has a voice and she enjoys the applause of the crowd. To have created this space for the very one who taught me how to live atypical was more than I could of dreamed. And it’s what I want to offer you. Don’t get hung up on titles, positions and identity. Just get in to the room. It’s atypical. And there is space for you.


I offer a couple on ramps for you to create the life you love. Sometimes to begin you start with taking care of you. I offer a free health assessment.You can click here to set that up and I can coach you on a journey that starts with taking the power back in the physical health of your life.


If you are looking for a deeper dive in personal development that is on a foundation of faith, then my Signficant Life Group is what you need. In six weeks we will cover owning your worth, cultivating joy, creating community, discovering your purpose and establishing the core values to strengthen the relationships that matter most. A step like this will help you grow inside and lead to your growth outside which is atypical. But as I look around at the world we are living in, typical is no longer working. So maybe it’s time for you to get in the room.