How To Grow Your "Brand"-It's Not what you Might Think.

Sometimes her post stops my scroll. I see her whimsical picture paired with the depth of her content amazed by the beautiful brand she’s built. Sometimes I see her on a stage. She communicates with such authority and engages everyone in the crowd. Sometimes I’m reading her book. She is making such a difference with each word perfectly painting a point that is impacting the hearts of so many around the world. Sometimes I watch the way others fill the rooms she curates and I stand back in admiration of what she has created.

Underneath my appreciation for the work she has done there is a layer just below the surface in my heart that sometimes says, “Why not me?” “Will it ever be?” “How come her?” “Am I good enough?”

I think it’s actually of God to desire to do good, make a difference and have influence in this world that would build the Kingdom. What’s in your heart is often His. This is written in the scripture of Psalm 37:4

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

What is not of God is all the self imposed comparisons and limitations that have limited you and me. I’m all alone, I don’t have enough help, I don’t have what it takes. Truth be told we are all anointed. Simply stated, set apart, empowered by God to do good works He has purposed for YOU to do. When we receive this truth the life of Christ will fill us up to over flow, but it most often requires that we must die. Die to this self-centered thinking. Die to envy and deceit.

“I have been crucified with the Anointed One—I am no longer alive—but the Anointed is living in me; and whatever life I have left in this failing body I live by the faithfulness of God’s Son, the One who loves me and gave His body on the cross for me.” Galatians 2:20

When we participate in the burial—We participate in the resurrection. The power of life in Christ is abundant and beyond measure. He is with us and for us. When you accept the life of Christ His power in you, the seed. When you plant yourself in the rich soil of God’s word you become a safe and healthy place found trustworthy by a gracious and holy God. Every oak tree was an acorn. It doesn’t grow big without going deep.

So the next time you stop the scroll to stare at her big beautiful brand, or listen to her story from a large stage or read the book that catalyzed her big platform–celebrate it. Admire it. Heck, why not support it—but don’t envy it. Don’t diminish your worth because of it or question your value. Just sink your roots deeper. Trust Him for more.