FREE 30-Day Challenge for You

Do you ever catch yourself finding it easier to say NO? No to your kids, your spouse or your friends? Do you shrink back with NO to your dreams, NO to your health or NO to that next daring adventure?

The truth is: NO is the breading ground of fear. But YES… YES leads to the possibility of what life can become. YES is the optimism and opportunity of “perhaps things could be…”

And I don’t want to play it safe–not for me or on behalf of my children. I want to play to win. That’s the difference between fear and faith. When fear dictates your decisions, you are on the defense. You become reactive and cautious. But making decisions by faith means pushing past fear and going on the offensive in life.

Faith moves God. He absolutely loves it. It PLEASES Him. When our YES is motivated for His glory, it moves His heart and His hand. Daring? Yes. Worth it? No doubt about it.

In 1 Samuel 14:6, a young man name Jonathan was noted as one of the most daring warriors of his time. His courage was ignited with one simple word, yet one profound thought, “Perhaps, the Lord will operate on our behalf.”

Jonathan chose to believe that, “Yes, PERHAPS God will work FOR me.” And that one little PERHAPS is a big statement of faith. But I think we often operate with the opposite mindset: “What if God doesn’t? Perhaps He won’t.”

That’s fear working, not faith. And all bravery needs is one little PERHAPS. PERHAPS is the springboard of YES. And one YES can change not only your destiny, but an entire family, or community, or nation. A DARING YES can change the world.

I just created a 30daysofyes Challenge because I really believe YOUR world can be changed by that audacious little word. Nothing says, “I’m a YES Girl,” like challenging yourself in the next thirty days to take on the posture of possibility in your every day life. And the good news is its absolutely FREE!

In the next thirty days, I know you will have all kinds of opportunities come your way. So I’m challenging you to say YES to the open door waiting just ahead. YES to the relationship in front of you, even if that’s a little scary or means rolling up your sleeves a little bit.

YES to the new job.

YES to starting the blog or finishing the book.

YES to counseling.

YES to going to church.

YES to that weekend getaway with your spouse.

YES to Play-Doh with your kids.

YES leads to “Pinch me, is-this-really-my-life” moments that I really want you to enjoy.

So join me, and hundreds of girls all around the country, as we make it a habit of resisting fear, and embracing faith with YES. It’s FREE FOR YOU. Simply register by clicking the photo below and together let’s make a habit of YES.