Three Ways To Love Your Kids Well

“I want to be IN my life. Not always looking toward what’s next. Not constantly pursuing the new. I want to enjoy the moment, this moment. I want to see my kids, know my husband, experience my business and relish in the fun of my family and friends. I want to be IN it. Not moving through it, onto the next—but truly IN what’s happening now. No regret from the past or dread of what’s next consumed by anxiety, but IN it. Not capturing to share it but truly experiencing the presence of my God given, purpose-filled, abundant life.”

These were the words at the top of the page in my journal on February 7, 2021 while vacationing in Maui.

I think the global pandemic and crisis of isolation in 2020 created a moment of stillness for all of us. Even as I type, the world is not back to normal and my kids are still down in their rooms alone behind a computer screen distance learning for the eleventh month in a row. But the calendar year flipped and the desire and even need to get back into life includes filling our days with busy yet again. It’s life. 2020 or 2021 our lives being full with things to do is “normal” regardless of your season and stage of life. So how do I accomplish the task and work I am purposed for while experiencing the joy and fullness of the moments I am actually creating?

If you are like me even the things you love the most or the projects you are actually excited about can become filled with angst. If we are living in the future and not the present, we’re creating dread; if we are living in the past, we’re creating regret. Either way, it moves us from the present moment that God has for us and the abundant life He has promised. God always resources me for what he asks of me. Walking in this kind of presence whether I am working on my business, preparing for an upcoming event, in a conversation with my spouse or riding bikes with my kids, presence, God’s grace for the moment, enables me to disconnect from being a performer. I actually can be IN the moment and live like Jesus wants—a human BEing not a human DOing.


Here’s are four things I remember so I can LIVE my life:

1. Worry is imagining the future without God in it.

2. Focus on today. It’s the only day I can actually live. God however, is not limited to today, he already has my tomorrow and will provide what I need when I arrive then.

3. When I separate from His presence my heart begins to race. I can rest knowing the past is handled and the future will be empowered by his hand when I get there.

4. What He asks me to do and what is in my hands to handle He will resource me and equip me for.



If you need encouragement, community and the truth about God’s grace for you I invite you the Significant Sisterhood. It’s a free and private group on Facebook where we are building a life we love on a foundation of faith.