Embracing the Process of Becoming

Embracing the Process of Becoming


Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

The day I walked my oldest daughter Addie, who has Down Syndrome, to high school is etched in my memory. My heart swelled with a mix of pride, love, and an undercurrent of worry. I feared that this new environment might overwhelm her, making the tears well up in my eyes.

As we climbed the steps to her new school, something extraordinary happened. With each step, Addie quietly repeated to herself, “I got this. You can do it. I can. I can.” Her words were barely audible but filled with conviction and determination. As a parent, my heart swelled with pride and awe, witnessing the incredible strength and resilience within my daughter. In that moment, I was blown away by the courageous, determined person my little girl was becoming.

Addie’s example taught me an essential truth: we are FULLY capable because our becoming is more valuable than our doing. It is in the process of growth, learning, and overcoming challenges that we find our true strength and impact. Like Addie, who faced the daunting challenges of starting high school with bravery and determination, we, too, can embrace the process of becoming and soar to great heights.

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of checking boxes, achieving goals, and accumulating accomplishments. We are constantly bombarded with messages that define success by external achievements. But this perspective can limit our ability to fulfill our true purpose. We may miss the bigger picture if we only focus on what we can or can’t do.

True capability isn’t found in a checklist of completed tasks or a list of accolades. Our true capability is anchored in who we are in Christ. It is rooted in our identity as beloved children of God. We have been intricately designed, formed, and called by the Creator of the universe, and this realization should serve as our foundation for strength and capability.

The world may tempt us to measure our worth by the number of tasks we’ve completed or the trophies we’ve collected, but we must remember that our real value comes from being God’s beloved. The Bible assures us that our worth is not determined by worldly standards but by our position as children of the King. This is the source of our inherent capability.

And here’s the incredible truth: we are fully CAPABLE, regardless of whether we succeed or fail in the world’s eyes. It’s easy to let past mistakes or present struggles define our worth, but this is a distortion of the true picture. Our past does not define us, and our worth is not determined by our achievements or limitations. We are beloved children of God, called to live out His plan and purpose for our lives.

With Him, you have all the strength and capability you need to face life’s challenges and opportunities. You can walk forward in confidence, knowing that in Christ, you are fully capable, fully loved, and fully accepted.

Life is not just about what you achieve or the tasks you complete. It’s about the journey of becoming the person God created you to be. It’s about growing in faith, love, and character. As you embrace the process of becoming, you will discover a reservoir of strength deep within your soul, fueled by the grace and love of Christ.


Can you share a personal experience where you felt challenged or overwhelmed, but with God’s strength, you were able to overcome the obstacles?

How did that experience reinforce the truth that you are fully capable in Christ?