Embracing the Counter-Cultural Obedience

Embracing the Counter-Cultural Obedience


Romans 12:2 (NIV)

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.

In a world filled with noise, expectations, and ever-changing cultural norms, it’s not easy to follow the voice of God. The values and priorities promoted by society often diverge from the path that the Lord lays before us. Yet, as believers, we are called to pursue a different way—a counter-cultural obedience to the voice of God in our lives.

The Cultural Norms:

The world around us constantly bombards us with messages that encourage conformity. It’s the pressure to chase after material success, to seek pleasure and comfort above all, and to prioritize self above others. The cultural norms teach us to value external appearances, wealth, and power while downplaying the importance of faith, compassion, and obedience to God’s calling.

The Counter-Cultural Obedience:

Counter-cultural obedience, on the other hand, goes against these norms. It means choosing to listen to God’s voice and follow His leading, even when it conflicts with the patterns of this world. It’s a bold decision to prioritize spiritual growth, compassion, and a life of purpose over the allure of societal expectations.

Challenges and Blessings:

Counter-cultural obedience is not without its challenges. It can lead to moments of feeling out of place or misunderstood. Society may question your choices, and you might face resistance or criticism for going against the grain. But remember, God’s ways are higher and better than the world’s.

The blessings of counter-cultural obedience are immeasurable. As you choose to follow God’s voice, your life is transformed. You become more aligned with His will, discovering His good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life. Your priorities shift from worldly success to heavenly significance.


What are some specific cultural norms or societal pressures that you have experienced which conflicted with your desire to obey God’s voice in your life?

Can you share an experience when you chose to embrace counter-cultural obedience, prioritizing God’s will over worldly expectations, and how did it impact your life and faith journey?