Embracing God's Unconditional Approval

Embracing God's Unconditional Approval


Psalm 90:17 (NASB)

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.

In a world filled with expectations, pressures, and the need for validation, we often find ourselves juggling the demands of family, work, and society. We strive to meet these external expectations, hoping to gain approval and affirmation from those around us. Yet, deep within, we long for something more profound—a sense of purpose and significance that transcends human approval.

As you contemplate the pressures and expectations that surround you, visualize how living in alignment with God’s favor can transform your perspective. Envision a life where your primary focus is on pleasing God, seeking His approval above all else. Picture the peace, joy, and sense of significance that flow from living solely for Him.

Consider the freedom that comes with letting go of the need to please everyone and embracing the truth that you are already approved by the One who matters most.

Now, ponder the magnificent reality that you are loved, cherished, and completely approved by God, just as you are. His approval is not contingent on your performance or the fleeting judgments of others. It is unwavering, constant, and unconditional.


Have you ever found yourself seeking approval from others, and if so, how has that impacted your sense of self-worth and significance?

How can you daily remind yourself that you are fully approved and loved by God, regardless of others’ opinions?