Embracing God's Calling

Embracing God's Calling


John 14:23 (NIV)

 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”

Life is a journey filled with diverse experiences, some glamorous and some seemingly ordinary. There are seasons when we find ourselves on grand stages, speaking to thousands, and seasons where we take on humble roles, serving in less glamorous positions.

For me, one of the most extended seasons was the precious privilege of raising four children. Amidst the daily routines of wiping, cleaning, cooking, and comforting, I often struggled to see the significance in what I was doing. When questioned about my role, I’d meekly reply, “I’m just a mom.”

It was during this period that I encountered a pastor whose wisdom transformed my perspective on motherhood. He helped me realize the profound calling of being a mother. Raising children, fearfully and wonderfully crafted by God’s hands, was no ordinary task. It was a sacred privilege to hold the hearts of these young souls, shaping them for a purpose beyond my understanding. I began to see that my role as a mom was far from being “just” anything.

John 14:23 beautifully underscores the connection between our love for Jesus and our obedience to His teachings. When we embrace God’s calling, including the sacred duty of raising our children, we express our love for Him. Our obedience to His guidance envelops us in God’s love, and He takes up residence within our hearts.

In the ordinary moments of life, we can find extraordinary purpose through our obedience to God’s calling. Whether we are nurturing children, serving in various roles, or carrying out everyday tasks, our obedience becomes a superpower—a means of expressing our love for Jesus and inviting Him to make His home in our hearts.

Today, I encourage you to recognize the profound significance of your obedience in embracing God’s calling, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary your season of life may be. Your obedience is a testament to your love for Jesus, and in return, He lovingly dwells within your heart, making every moment extraordinary.

Embrace your calling, for through obedience, you unleash the superpower of God’s love and presence in your life. Your role is not “just” anything; it is a sacred journey filled with divine purpose and meaning.


Can you recall a moment in your life when you felt that your role or responsibilities were seemingly ordinary or less glamorous?

How did your perspective change when you realized the significance of your calling in that season?

In what ways can you apply the superpower of obedience in your life, whether in your role as a parent, at work, or in your daily routines, to express your love for Jesus and invite Him to dwell in your heart?