Center Church San Diego

In 2013, my husband and I came to a crossroads. This was more than a “Should-we-try-that-great-new-hotspot-for-dinner”moment or do we“Stick to Chile’s.”This intersection was about the next chapter of our lives.

Looking back over the previous twenty years we had spent in vocational ministry, we smiled. Our life was full of ups and downs and at end of it all was a beautiful mess that we loved. Through a series of events, change was coming. And we were faced with a decision. “What we will do next? What will become of our lives now?”

During one of our sleepless nights—hair-pulling and soul searching—I discovered a truth in the depth of my heart. You see, Marcus and I didn’t get into this “vocational ministry thing” to have a comfortable life. The path of our pastoring had given us one somehow, but standing at that cross- roads, we wrestled for a moment with losing it. We stood at the intersection of radical and risk.

If comfort and “good” were all I desired, then, I thought, “Let’s just stay put.” Good enough says, “Just go get a job and maintain the lifestyle you’ve settled in to.” But those words left a putrid taste in my mouth. There was only one option for us: go.

In that risky moment, the purposes of Center Church began to grow in our hearts. We left our safe and stable suburban community and moved to the urban core of downtown San Diego—the city we loved and knew so well. We began meeting in a backyard, with just ten people who desired to do something bigger than themselves in the center of San Diego. We dreamed of loving our neighbors and serving our city. Excitement began to build and our circle of ten began to expand.

On January 25, 2014, on the campus of Perkins Elementary School in Barrio Logan, we opened the doors of Center Church. But it’s not a location. It’s a people. Center Church is people that have put Jesus at the very center of their lives. And then go position themselves at the center of the city He loves so much.
Life is radically new in Christ, not because we worked extra hard getting our acts together, but be- cause the grace of God has forgiven us and given us something enormous and exhilarating to live for. We believe that everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect and anything’s possible.

If you’d like to be a part of that kind of Jesus-movement, partner with us. Follow our story. Jump into our expanding circle. Because anything’s possible when you invite Christ right into the center of your life.

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