I tore down Christmas. A decision to do earlier than I typically do. It was all because of one decision. See, I have a large, open floor plan living space. All of the walls are white. Except one. The largest one. It’s green. Lime green. I loved it when we moved in. Now, two years later, I’m ready for a change. Since we would have to tear down Christmas (and we all know the clean up that is), why not paint? I decided to re-paint the green wall. That was the decision that led to an early Christmas tear down. Which led to painting my sons room. Since we were buying paint anyway. (I never really loved his room color either). Which led to moving around kid bedrooms. Which led to an overhaul of closets and drawers. If you saw my house today, you might assume we are moving. And it all started with one decision. Just one big wall I wanted to paint.

As I took down each ornament of the tree I was reminded of each Christmas past. There was one I grabbed from 2013. That was a year of one decision. One decision to leave the comfort of the life we had created thirteen years and four babies into our marriage. The decision to risk it all and leave the suburbs for the city. The decision to not take a position, but to create one as the founding Pastors of a new faith community we would call Center Church. It wasn’t what I expected. But Center Church was one decision that became the gift that changed my life and shifted the trajectory of our entire future.

One decision to start a church moved us from the burbs to the city. The city changed my perspective on what real need looked like and my was changed forever.

One decision to start a church moved my kids out of traditional public school and led us to discovering the world of Charters. Museum School in Bankers Hill has shaped my kids lives in ways I had only hoped for

The move left us financially BROKE. That forced me to open my mind and explore options. Entrepenuer”ing” became my thing as I launched a health coach practice that has evolved into an entire brand. Jen Jones Direct has become the platform by which I get to guide people toward transformation physically, spiritually and financially.

Which leads me back to the ornament from 2013. We had made our one decision just three months prior to that December. We were not the only ones acting in obedience and taking steps of faith. Her walk put her on my doorstep. She left a large white envelope. It was the provision for us to have Christmas that year. We didn’t have much then and her gracious gift blessed our home and our hearts.

My business has catapulted us from broke to abundance since then.  But I remember December 2013. It was her decision that led me to my decision to do what she did for us for as many families as I can each year.

What’s your decision? Just one. It could bring a smile, lift a load, carry a burden or perhaps change the trajectory of your future and reshape your life. What’s your green wall? Pick up your brush and begin to paint.