Celebrating Our Circles: Life Change in Community

Celebrating Our Circles: Life Change in Community


Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Life is full of circles: circles of influence, circles of friendship, and circles of faith. These circles aren’t coincidental; they are divinely ordained spaces where we experience the transformative power of community. In these circles, we find support, encouragement, and a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Think for a moment about the circles in your life and how they’ve shaped you. Perhaps it all began in a small Sunday school class, mission group, or youth gathering. It’s in these early circles that the seeds of faith are planted, and we learn about God’s love. These foundational circles lay the groundwork for our spiritual journey.

However, life often takes us on unexpected paths. As we grow and change, so do our circles. When you ventured into the realm of college or young adulthood, your circle might have shrunk, and you might have felt a sense of confusion or loss. This is a common experience, a period of soul-searching that many go through. But it’s often these seasons of discomfort and uncertainty that draw us closer to God and lead us to new circles.

For me, this journey brought me to a group of passionate young adults in Arizona. Together we served as missionaries, impacting both our local community and communities abroad. The moments that transformed me didn’t happen on a grand stage; they occurred in small vans during our travels and in quiet conversations with fellow believers. This circle reshaped my life and rekindled my sense of purpose.

More recently, I’ve come to appreciate the value of circles in various aspects of life. In a business context, a small circle of colleagues can cultivate immeasurable growth. The power of transformation isn’t limited to public appearances; it’s equally profound in the behind-the-scenes interactions—coffee shop conversations, living room gatherings, and online calls. These colleagues have become friends who stood by me during some of life’s darkest moments.

 The truth is life change happens within our circles. In times of need, in moments of advice-seeking, in times of sharing struggles or celebrating victories, we don’t seek the spotlight; we turn to our circle, our community. It is within these relationships that we witness the kingdom of God at work, shaping and transforming us for His glory. 

Today, let’s celebrate the circles in our lives—the friends, family, and communities that have played pivotal roles in our spiritual journey. Recognize the profound impact they’ve had on your life and how they’ve helped you draw closer to God. These circles are sacred spaces where the Holy Spirit moves, where you experience the love and support of the body of Christ, and where God’s transformative power is evident. Embrace and celebrate your circles, for they are a testament to the life-changing power of community.


Take a moment to reflect on the circles in your life. How have they shaped your faith journey?

How can you be more intentional in your current circles to support and encourage others in their faith journeys?