Being the Boat

Being the Boat


Matthew 14:29 (NIV)

“Come,” He said.

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

If you keep reading Peter’s story, you know that eventually his boldness is humbled. Afraid of angry crowds, Peter’s fearlessness turns to vapor as he pretends to not even know Jesus, much less to boldly follow Him onto scary waters.

I, too, have experienced humble moments—times when my circumstances drove me to my knees, confessing my weakness and crying out for help. It was through these moments that my attention was drawn to something new in this famous story.

I started noticing the boat.

Today, consider the role of the boat in this story. Just as Peter stepped out in faith, we are also called to be the boat, carrying the hearts of others to a place where they can encounter God. Reflect on how you can be a vessel for God’s work, helping others take their bold steps of faith. Pray for opportunities to support and encourage those around you in their faith journeys. Remember that being the boat is a noble calling—to be a conduit of God’s grace and love. Ask God to use you as a source of strength and encouragement for others as they navigate their own faith journeys. As you do, you’ll find fulfillment in being part of God’s greater plan.

You see, sometimes we ARE Peter—bold, ready to take the first step in faith. But a lot of times we are invited to be the boat. We are given opportunities to carry the hearts of people across rough waters to where they can see the face of their Creator. This is a noble calling—to be the boat so that when He calls others, they can take their bold step of faith out onto the waters toward Jesus. 


How can you be the vessel that guides them toward Christ and provides a safe space for their spiritual growth?