An Interview With Karrie Garcia

As I prepared all the content for my upcoming video devotional series “Daring YES!” I couldn’t help but think about some of the great friends in my life. I have affectionately called them my ‘YES’ Girls. These are the ladies who have resisted the comfort of fear and are daring to say YES. Karrie is one of those girls. I invite you to join us as she shares her reluctancy to run toward YES but cannot run away from obedience to her call. I think you will be inspired to grow and take a next step,  even if it’s one tiny step toward the good God has prepared for you. I know you will get a good laugh. Because, well, Karrie is one of the most hilarious girls I know.


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Our lives were never meant to be handcuffed by “no”. The dreams You have, the hopes you long for, and the relationships you desire are all possible when you say “YES!” What might happen if you had the audacity to refuse to take “no” for an attitude. This devotional series is created to be inspired and take courage with other girls who are brave enough to say “YES!”