16 Things I love and Learned

I love to talk. I’ve learned to listen. I love my opinions. I’ve learned to hold them loosely.


I love change. I’ve learned many resist it. I love to advocate. I’ve learned it doesn’t make me popular. (That’s not the goal.)


I love people of color. I’ve learned they are often NOT received because of their color. I love equal rights. I’ve learned this is not everyone’s value.


I love justice. I’ve learned MLK Jr. was right when he said, “the white moderate is often more devoted to order than justice.”


I love God’s word that commands me to love my neighbor as myself. I’ve learned the enemy of our soul has divided us by deceiving us from truth that ALL people are created in the image of God.


I love all people. I’ve learned that now is the time to shine a light on black people.


I love my brother, who is also a cop. I’ve learned this is becoming a moment of choice to unite instead of oppose one another because of occupation or race.


I love JOY. I’ve learned lamenting is necessary for healing. I love who I am. I’ve also learned that I’m afforded some privileges because of my white skin.


I love being followed. I’ve learned Jesus only had twelve. I love being liked. I’ve learned bending to popular opinion never changed the world.


I love YOU. I’ve learned that love, who is God, is, has been and always will be the only way.


I love Jesus. I’ve learned HIS word has never been more true, “In this world you will have trouble, BUT TAKE HEART! I have OVERCOME the world.” ~Jesus